Style Guide: 7 Creative Ways to Style Your Entryway

Style Guide: 7 Creative Ways to Style Your Entryway

Want to know how to style your entryway? Give your home’s guests a memorable first impression with these seven creative entryway ideas.


Like it or not, first impressions matter. Oftentimes, your gut reaction to a person, place, or thing becomes the most memorable part. Simply put, first impressions can never be reversed or taken back.

When it comes to your home, your front entryway gives guests the first impression of your home and sets the stage for the rest of your space. To help you give a first impression that is memorable, welcoming, and vibrant, here are seven creative ways you can style your entryway.

1. Mix and Match

One way to add new dimensions and creativity to any space (especially the entryway) is to mix and match several items together. This creates a layered look. Get mixing and matching in your home by using a variety of photos, mirrors, paintings, and other decorations on your entryway table. Your items should be of varying sizes to make sure the look fills up and completes the entryway. And even though you’re mixing and matching things that usually don’t go together, try using a single element like tone, color, or finish to make the room feel cohesive.


2. Keep it Personal

Your home is a personal space. It’s your little oasis in the world where you draw comfort from every day. And whether you want it to or not, your home says a lot about the people who live in it. Share your own stories and memories with guests by including personal touches that highlight your memories, hobbies, family, and more. For example, you can create a photo wall in your entryway that introduces guests to your personality as well as your home.

3. Antiques

A challenge for every entryway is storage. Guests have plenty of coats, hats, scarves, shoes, etc. and you don’t always have an entryway closet to put them in. If you need some storage for your entryway space, try using an antique trunk or bench to carve out a space for your guest’s outdoor accessories, providing both style and function to your entryway. If you’re not into the antique or rustic look, try painting it white for a more modern and contemporary vibe.

Maximalist Design

4. Patterns

Patterns always add a festive and fun feeling to any room. And while it may not feel like you have a ton of space to work with in a front entryway, you can still add patterns and fun designs. Try creating a patterned accent wall with wallpaper. Add a durable patterned sisal rug to protect your floors from dirty shoes. Toss a fun patterned pillow on a bench or chair that sits in or near your front entryway. Incorporating these small touches of patterns helps spice up the space, without overpowering guests.



5. Shoe Showcase

Shoes are bound to pile up in an entryway and there’s not always space for them in a closet or trunk. Instead, try having a little fun with the different types of shoes that enter your home. With a little creativity, you can easily purchase or make a shoe rack that displays some fun footwear to the entire house. If you’re concerned with protecting your home’s floors from stray tracks or shoe scuffs, place an outdoor sisal rug by your front door. These rugs are easy to clean and durable, making it the perfect rug for your entryway.

geometric patterned area rug in large room


6. Creative Coat Hooks

As we’ve previously mentioned, storage can be a bit of an issue in an entryway and not all coats easily fit inside a trunk. If you don’t have a good space for your coats, try adding some fun and creative coat hooks. For example, you can use clothespins, figurines, antlers, and more to add a little personality to your entryway walls. If you don’t want to install hooks onto your walls, you can always purchase a fun, decorative coat rack.

7. Welcome Wall

Last, but not least, your walls are a blank canvas that provide an opportunity for you to wow your guests. By using wood paneling, plants, wallpaper, and other tools you can create an eye-catching wall that becomes an instant talking piece. If you don’t want to completely cover your entryway walls, you can always hang a drawing, painting, or portrait to serve as a statement piece.

Feature Wall.png

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