Trend to Try: Layering Sisal Rugs with Cowhide Rugs

Trend to Try: Layering Sisal Rugs with Cowhide Rugs

Layer your rugs to complete the look of any room. Sisal Rugs offers helpful advice on how to layer rugs using natural-fiber materials and cowhides.


Natural-fiber rugs, such as those made from sisal, bring eye-catching texture and natural warmth to rooms, and you can take the look further with one simple trick: adding another layer. Layering rugs will add dimension to your style, just like a scarf or cardigan can take your outfit to the next level. You can choose just about any material, color and pattern to complement your space.

One popular interior design option to consider, however, is a cowhide. Cowhide rugs don't require bright colors to attract attention because they already have a unique shape that stands out enough on its own. You can rely on cowhide's natural shade to be a great fit with your existing decor.



Getting the layered look right is easy — you don't have to have a special eye for design to try the trend at home! In areas like the living room, center your cowhide rug on top of the sisal fabric or center it underneath a piece of furniture.

If you have a large area rug underneath your bed in the master bedroom, place the smaller rug at the foot of the bed so that part of the cowhide is on top of your sisal rug and the other half extends beyond it.

cowhide rug in bedroom


You can also incorporate a cowhide rug into your dining room decor. If you have a round table, centering a cowhide rug underneath it works well.

cowhide rug in the dining room

Play around with different options in each room to get the best sense of what looks good and what doesn't.

Layering Cowhide Rugs FAQs: 

Can you put furniture on a cowhide rug?

Absolutely! Cowhide rugs are extremely durable and can stand up to high traffic. When placed under furniture, especially on hardwood floors in a seating area, they become a long-lasting, stylish statement piece.

What rugs go with cowhide rugs?

Jute and sisal rugs are excellent rugs to layer with cowhide. These rugs, especially in neutral colors, can be an excellent base to showcase the natural colors of the cowhide. 

Can you layer two cowhide rugs?

Layering cowhide rugs is an exercise in daring, bold decoration. When using more than one cowhide rug, don’t assume that they have to have the exact same pattern. You can mix and match, allowing each rug to show its uniqueness.

Are cowhide rugs in style?

Cowhide rugs have been providing timeless luxury to homes for decades. Their durability, rich color, and soft texture bring elegance and style to any room.

Is it unethical to have a cowhide rug?

Beef is a substantial portion of the American diet, and many farms cultivate cattle for that reason. Cowhide is a natural by-product of this cultivation. Using cowhide for rugs and other products ensures that less of the animal is wasted. 

One simple tweak can elevate your space's style, so go ahead and bring the layered rug look to your home! If you're starting from scratch and need to find an area rug, be sure to check out Sisal Rugs Direct's selection of natural-fiber designs.

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