Turn your outdoor patio into a relaxing retreat with these 6 accessories

Turn your outdoor patio into a relaxing retreat with these 6 accessories

Relax outdoors even more this summer by turning your backyard into a cozy retreat. Sisal Rugs offers tips on what accessories to choose for your space!


When the weather is warm outside, you don't want to be cooped up indoors. Take advantage of your patio space to set up a relaxing retreat in the backyard instead. These six essential accessories can help you put together an outdoor living space that's just as comfortable as the inside of your home!

Cozy lounge furniture

Loungers, sofas and chairs with plush cushioning welcome you to take a seat and unwind for hours. Consider furniture with colorful cushions to brighten your backyard and create a fun, casual style. 


The sun can be energizing in small doses, but too much sun will have you feeling uncomfortably hot. Set up shaded areas in the backyard to keep cool on a scorching afternoon and to stay protected. An umbrella can be a simple way to get shade. You can also invest in more permanent solutions, such as a pergola. 

A stylish rug

An outdoor rug creates a cozier patio when set down next to the sofa. If you already have colorful chair cushions, use a neutral Indoor/Outdoor rug to keep the look balanced. 

A screen for privacy

If you have next-door neighbors, it can be hard to relax when your backyard is exposed. Create some privacy with a stylish screen and by strategically placing plants around the patio. 


Who says you have to go back inside after the sun goes down? Hanging lights, portable lanterns and even an outdoor lamp can all be used to keep your patio functional at night. 

An outdoor heater

When you're relaxing outside at night and the air no longer feels warm, rely on an outdoor heater to keep you as cozy as before. A backyard fire pit can also be used to heat up your patio, and it gives you the chance to make s'mores!

You don't have to spend summer unwinding after work indoors. With the right outdoor accessories, it's easy to relax out on the patio any day of the week.

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