How to Measure a Bedroom Rug

How to Measure a Bedroom Rug

Bedroom rugs are both a stylish and practical solution for your space. They can help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, provide a comfortable place for your feet and dampen the sounds of foot traffic – a benefit that others in your home can appreciate. The question isn't, however, whether or not you should buy a rug for your bedroom. It's how to choose the best one.

Here's a useful guide to narrow down your options and help you select a bedroom rug that you will love.  We have also made handy graphics for you to visualize how rugs fit under different bed sizes.  Use these as a guide but keep in mind that we can make custom rugs any size to the inch to fit your bedroom perfectly!

King Size Bed Rugs

Shown as 80" long by 76" wide

9' x 12'+ Rug

The best size rug for a king bed is 9' x 12' or wider, especially if the room has two nightstands.This size allows the rug to extend beyond the bed, creating a balanced and spacious look.

8' x 10' Rug

Not the ideal size for a king bed but if you have smaller nightstands (18" or less) you can get away with the smaller rug. While not the ideal size for a king bed, an 8' x 10' rug can work if you have smaller nightstands (18" or less). This option is great for smaller bedrooms where floor space is limited.

3' x 5' Rug or Custom Runners

Place a 3' x 5' rug on either side of the bed, or custom runners around 6' long. Adding a runner to the foot of the bed provides  full coverage, enhancing comfort and style.

Rug Sizes for Queen Beds

80" wide x 60" long Standard Queen

9' x 12' Rug

This size leaves 42" on each side of the bed to step onto. It also provides room at the foot of the bed for a bench or other piece of furniture.

8' x 10' Rug

The designer-recommended size for a queen bed, this rug allows room at the foot of the bed for a trunk or settee while keeping the area around your bedside tables clear.

6' x 9' or Custom Rug

A 6' x 9' rug is the minimum size to have 2' showing on either side of the bed. Custom rugs can be made to fit your specific needs, ensuring the perfect fit.

3' x 5' Rugs

Two 3' x 5' rugs placed on either side of the queen bed can create a symmetrical and balanced look. Custom bedside runners are also an excellent option for a tailored appearance.

Twin Size Bed

75" long x 39" wide Standard Twin

5' x 8' Rug

For a room with a single twin bed, a 5'x8' or custom rug will work placed next to the bed, providing a cozy, defined area.

8' x 10' Rug

If you have two twin beds an 8'x10' rug will cover the area under both beds including the center.  Extend the length with a custom rug to cover each side of the beds.

3' x 5' Rug

A single 3'x5' rug can be placed between the beds to cover the open space between two twin beds, adding a touch of warmth and comfort.

Considerations When Choosing a Bedroom Rug

When choosing a bedroom rug, it's essential to consider various factors to ensure it complements your space both aesthetically and functionally. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind before making your purchase.

What size do I need?

Before you buy a bedroom rug, decide where you want to place it. Underneath the bed is a common spot. If you want to place a rug underneath the bed, choose a large enough size so that the rug extends out on all three sides. If you wish to buy a smaller size rug, you can place it on just one side of the bed. 

What material do I want?

Most people want their bedroom rugs to be both soft and durable. If that's the case for you, consider a natural-fiber rug. Materials like sisal wool and jute can be durable enough to withstand foot traffic and soft enough to boost the comfort level in your bedroom.  

What is the room style?

There are many colors and designs you can choose from, but not every rug will fit into your room's design. Consider your room's style first and find a rug to enhance the look. Natural colors can create a simple, sophisticated style. If you wish to make a bigger statement, choose a rug in a bright color or one that features an eye-catching pattern.  

How to Choose the Right Size Rug for Your Bedroom

Small Bedrooms

In smaller bedrooms, maximizing floor space is crucial. Opt for a rug that fits well under the bed and extends just enough to provide comfort and style without overwhelming the room.

Large Bedrooms

In larger bedrooms, you have more flexibility with rug sizes. Larger rugs, such as 9' x 12', can anchor the bed and nightstands, creating a cohesive and luxurious look.

Foot of the Bed

Placing a rug at the foot of the bed is a great way to add texture and warmth. Ensure the rug is large enough to extend beyond the bed and cover a significant portion of the floor space.

Ready to start browsing? Start your search now at Sisal Rugs Direct to find the perfect rug for your bedroom.  If you need any assistance please contact us.

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