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Store Merchandising

Natural fiber area rugs and sisal and jute wool for Store merchandising

At Sisal Rugs Direct we have over 20 years of experience working with merchandisers and retail stores with flooring for their displays and spaces that build upon the retail design of the store. For a retailer, merchandising is the most crucial success ingredient after location, and one that you can really work to your advantage. Research has shown that the majority of customers make their purchase decisions while they are in the store. The visual elements and presentation stimulate and entice customers to make a purchase.

Whether you are trying to evoke a natural feeling within the display, department or store our natural fiber area rugs will compliment your stores décor. Or maybe you are simply looking for the most versatile and durable area rugs, our extensive collection of sisal, seagrass, sisal/wool blends, jute, hemp and indoor/outdoor polypropylene rugs will surely hold up to your stores customer traffic. Our natural fiber rugs can complement the elements like color and space being used by visual merchandisers in creating displays. We will work with buyers to design products that maintain the integrity of the brand. We have worked with many merchandisers to develop the perfect planogram to use throughout their entire chain of stores.

A few of our clients:

 Vera Bradley Merchandising  Splendid Logo merchandising

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