Our Softest Rugs, Ranked

Our Softest Rugs, Ranked

A warm, embracing area rug makes all the difference after a long day on your aching feet. A soft layer underfoot provides the soothing touch your body needs to relax and rejuvenate. The myth surrounding natural fiber rugs is that they’re too coarse to offer such comfort. However, many natural fiber area rugs are exceptionally soft, making them the perfect choice for any home. Take a peek below for our five softest selections.

1. Wool Rugs

Wool fibers are soft and springy. When you step down on them, compressing the fibers, they easily spring back. This makes 100% wool rugs the softest ones we offer in the shop. Another really nice thing about wool rugs is that they only grow softer over time.

They age incredibly well when it comes to both how they look and how they feel. That’s why our Wool Rugs have nabbed the number one spot on our list. It’s classic, stylish, and sustainably soft.

2. Polysilk Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Ever heard of the phrase, “soft as silk?” Of course you have. Silk is one of the softest fibers known to humankind. So it’s no wonder that our polysilk area rugs made our list. Similar to polypropylene, polysilk is a synthetic fiber that is designed to be durable, mold-resistant, stain-resistant, and comfortable. However, polysilk has the extra benefit of some silky softness.

It’s for those reasons that our Polysilk Outdoor Rugs made their way onto this list. These rugs can go anywhere in or outside of your home and were designed to maintain it’s soft durability for years to come.

3. Wool Sisal Blend Rug

We’ve already told you that 100% wool is the softest rug you can find in our shop. It’s not the only soft rug you can find in the shop, however. Wool sisal rugs are made from a combination of both wool (60%) and sisal fibers (40%). This makes for a rug that’s comfortable underfoot and also extra durable, thanks to their natural sisal fibers. Choose from seven colors in patterned or solid weaves to find the perfect match for your floors or interior design.

Some collections are softer than others, depending on their construction and how much wool you walk on.  The Merino Wool Sisal collection is the softest of the Wool Sisal blend rugs. 

4. Polypropylene Indoor/Outdoor Sisal

Polypropylene rugs are the perfect solution for someone that wants a rug that's soft, but also durable. Durable enough to stand up to water, mold, stains, and more. They can be located both indoors and outdoors, and, unlike natural fiber alternatives, they're extremely stain resistant.

They are available in a range of unique patterns and wide availability of color options.  The best option for homes with pets and children where accidents happen frequently.  View all available options here

5. Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are soft by design. In fact, the jute plant, the source of all jute fibers, is naturally soft, shiny, and long. When the fibers are harvested and spun, they go through a process that softens them even further. This process, combined with the thick, bold way jute rugs are weaved, makes for a very comfortable underfoot feel. Available in eight colors and multiple weaves, our jute collection offers multiple options.

6. Looped Weave Sisal

Sisal and softness are not always thought of as one in the same.  While this can be true for certain weaves, our looped weave sisal rugs offer a soft and comfortable feel underfoot.  The larger loops in the weave make for a uniquely soft and smooth feel to the touch. 

Sisal is also a natural and very durable material to be used inside the home.  Our Sun Sisal and Mali Sisal are both great examples of this softer sisal weave.

7. Sisal

Sisal rugs are loved for their textured look which coordinates so well with all decors, from casual to elegant. All sisal rugs are made from the same sisal agave plant natural fibers. However, sisal can feel softer depending on the weave. The wider and flatter the weave – therefore having a wider surface that you step on – feels the softest. The Sun Sisal Collection is one of our softest sisal rugs.

Are sisal rugs soft?  Yes, they can be.  The same thing applies to runners.  We have found that the thicker and chunkier the sisal weave the softer it feels on the feet.  

Have a Soft Spot for Soft Rugs?

If reading this has you overwhelmed by a desire to roll around on top of a soft-as-a-cloud rug, you’re in luck. You can easily shop our collection of soft natural fiber area rugs online. Not sure which rug is the right level of softness for your home? Use our Try Before You Buy program to get samples of our softest rugs and make the decision that’s right for your space. 


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