Shore Up Your Interior Design with the 10 Best Area Rugs for Your Beach House

Shore Up Your Interior Design with the 10 Best Area Rugs for Your Beach House

Get inspired to level up your beach house decor with the top 10 area rugs for your beach house.


No beach house interior design is complete without an area rug. Whether it’s for the practical benefits of a rug or simply to drive home that beachy feeling, finding the best area rug for your  beach house is a must. 

From rugs that evoke the ocean to rugs that make your beach house living room feel like the actual beach, here are ten fantastic options for your vacation home. 

Isla Polysilk Outdoor Rug

Isla Polysilk Outdoor Rug

Is there a more perfect beach house area rug than one named Isla? Maybe only when you opt for your Isla rug’s color to be Ocean! This polysilk indoor/outdoor rug will stand up to sand, saltwater, chlorine, and whatever else gets trekked into your beach house—and it will still look like new after years of use. 

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Cedar Bay Polypropylene Rug

Cedar Bay Polypropylene Rug

The Cedar Bay indoor/outdoor polypropylene in blue is reminiscent of the light flickering through the water at the bottom of a crystal clear lake. Place it in your beach house to bring the feeling of swimming indoors. And you don’t have to be content with only the appearance of sunshine on this rug—the polypropylene fibers will stay vibrant for years, even when the rug is in direct sunlight. 

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Carmen Polysilk Rug

Carmen Polysilk Rug

Looking for a more subtle nod to the water in your beach house area rug? The Carmen Polysilk Rug in Marine weaves the shades of blue and white of the ocean into a rug that will feel right at home in any beach house. The durable polysilk fibers will also ensure that this rug brings the feeling of the beach to your house for years. 

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Mallorca Polypropylene Rug

Mallorca Polypropylene Rug

This Mallorca polypropylene rug in Marine will give any room in your beach house the feel of gentle waves rippling across the floor. The polypropylene fibers are soft, so the rug will be as gentle on your floor as it is on your feet. This rug’s fibers are also sturdy, so they will stand up to the wear of a full summer of beachside fun and won’t get washed out in a room full of sunlight. 

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Moroccan Trellis Wool Rug

Moroccan Trellis Wool Rug

Go for a bolder, rougher sunkissed ocean look with this Moroccan Trellis wool rug in indigo. The dark, soft wool fibers feature a rough diamond pattern that will carry the aquatic theme to your beach house floor without being too obvious. When it’s time for everyone to come back inside after a day at the beach, they will love how soft this wool area rug feels. 

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Camila Wool Rug

The Camila Wool rug gives you two choices for bringing a more abstract beachy vibe to your beach house. In Denim, this rug gives the impression of choppy waves. In Canvas, you’ve got a sandy dunescape. No matter which you choose, the soft and stain resistant wool fibers will be a welcome addition to any room. 

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Seagrass Area Rug 

Even though seagrass is not technically from the sea, it is still an ideal material for a beach house area rug. The natural fiber of this area rug calls to mind the reeds and tall grasses of the beach while being much more pleasant to walk on. When kept away from areas with a lot of moisture, a seagrass area rug will be a durable addition to your beach house decor for years. 

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Hemp Grass Rug

What’s a beach house without some beachy colors? This Hemp Grass Rug brings the color of wet sand inside (just don’t try to build a castle out of it). The natural fiber of the Hemp Grass Rug is also durable and naturally stain resistant, so they can take whatever you throw at them all summer long. Just make sure to keep this rug away from areas of high moisture to ensure it lasts for many summers to come. 

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Sun Sisal Rug

A lighter take on the sandy beach look, the Sun Sisal Rug will make any room in your beach house feel like the beach itself! But don’t worry, the sandy look is all this rug has in common with sand—its natural fiber weave is remarkably soft. As with any natural fiber rug, keep this one out of high moisture areas to enjoy its beachy look for years. 

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Merino Wool Sisal Rug

Summers at the beach are more than water and sand: they’re also full of sunshine! This Merino Wool Sisal Rug will brighten any room it’s in with its sunny, golden tones. As a blend of wool and sisal fibers, it has the rugged durability and stain resistance of sisal while retaining the softness of wool.

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Beachy Keen Rugs for Your Beach House

So what will it be? A wavy blue seascape, or something in a sandy natural fiber? No matter the style, size, or shape of your new beach house area rug, you can find the right look and select the exact shape and size from our huge selection of custom area rugs.  

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