Did you know that wool is most commonly used natural fiber for area rugs and carpet? As a soft, yet durable fiber with a lot of versatility, wool area rugs are a popular and great choice for any home. They can also be dyed in a wider range of colors, making for more vibrant and diverse interior design.

But before you purchase a wool area rug for your home, there are some things you need to know. Because wool fibers have unique characteristics that set them apart from other natural fiber options, they can be quite different from other natural rugs using fibers like sisal, jute, or seagrass.

To help you decide if a wool area rug is the best option for your next design project or home renovation, here are the five things you need to know about wool area rugs.

1. Wool Area Rugs Are Resilient

With a reputation of being soft, wool is also incredibly durable. This is mostly in thanks to the wax that naturally rests on the surface of wool fibers called lanolin. This wax helps protect your wool rugs from stains and soils, something that any homeowner will be happy with. As a natural sealant, lanolin traps dirt and stains at the surface of the rug, saving your wool fibers from any harmful damage or permanent discoloration. Plus, this makes wool rugs easier to clean!

Part of durability is a rug’s ability to not show wear and tear. Luckily, wool rugs can last for years and years, not showing any signs of extended use or heavy foot traffic. Pairing this with a high level of stain resistance makes wool area rugs a great choice for hallways, family rooms, and other high-traffic areas in your home that might need a little extra protection from spills, footfalls, or pets.

Dog Laying on a Wool Area Rug

2. Wool Rugs Are Flame Resistant

One feature of wool rugs that might surprise you is that they are flame resistant. As a natural flame retardant, wools rugs are great for children’s’ rooms to give you some added peace of mind. And if you have a fireplace, a custom shaped area rug with a fireplace cutout is a great option to have near the fire.

3. Wool Area Rugs Are Sustainable

Made with 100% wool fibers, wool area rugs are sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Produced by sheep, wool is completely renewable and helps protect them from the cold winter. In the summer, wool coats are removed from sheep to prevent overheating and painful tangles. Because wool is a natural fiber, this also means that your wool rug is recyclable after it’s served its purpose in your home.

4. Wool Is a Natural Humidifier

Wool is an absorbent fiber once you get beneath that lanolin layer of wax. Because of this, your home can benefit from this absorption as it can serve as a natural humidifier. When your home’s air is full of humidity and moisture, your wool rug will absorb some of that moisture in the air. And when your home turns arid or dry, that moisture will be released from the rug. All in all, this helps regulate your home’s environment, making it more comfortable all year long.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that you might want to consider a different kind of area rug for your bathroom. With the steam produced from showers, your wool rug may become too damp.

5. Wool Rugs Are Colorful

We mentioned it earlier, but wool area rugs can come in a beautiful array of colors and patterns. Where other natural fiber area rugs mainly come in sophisticated and elegant neutrals, wool rugs can bring more vivid color to your floor coverings.

How well does that color stand up? Very.

The process for dying wool rugs ensures that the colors are fade resistant, helping your rug stay vibrant for longer. However, just like anything that is dyed, wool may fade if it is placed in direct sunlight on a routine basis. But even with exposure to direct sunlight, these should be very minimal, if not unnoticeable, fading.

Pull Back the Wool Over Your Eyes

Wool area rugs are a great choice for your home thanks to their durability, colors, sustainability, and more. If you’re interested in purchasing a wool rug for your home, check out our selection of wool rugs. Need a custom shaped or sized rug? We have you covered with that, too. Use this form to start designing your custom rug.