5 Important Considerations When Creating a Custom Rug

5 Important Considerations When Creating a Custom Rug

From planning a budget to choosing the perfect size, find tips from interior design experts on how to create the perfect customer rug.


It’s now more affordable and easier than ever to create a custom rug. In fact, you can play with our create a rug tool right now, order your custom design, and have it on your doorstep in as little as a week!

But, before you get too carried away, consider the advice of some of the nation’s leading interior designers. They provide tips that will help you ensure that your custom rug is perfect for your space.

1. Know your budget and style.

“The two most important considerations for a custom rug is budget and style of the home,” says Kerrie Kelly, Founder and Principal Designer, Design Lab. “Budget ties into the construction and materials used for the rug, while the style of the home is key for determining the overall look.”

2. Focus on dimensions and details.

“Size of a rug is very important. Too small and it will look wonky in your space, too large and there's a possibility that it won't fit,” says Stephanie Coffaro, Interior Architect. “With a custom rug, there are typically no returns, so be very meticulous with your measurements!”

Consider the experience of lifestyle blogger Kelly Elko, who created a custom rug for her home. She almost got the dimensions wrong.

“Math was never my strong suit, but you know what they say about measuring twice and cutting once, so I was extra careful when I measured. But even with all of my care, I still somehow managed to get them wrong!” explains Kelly. “Luckily Sisal Rugs Direct noticed my mistake and emailed me so I measured once more and finally got it right.”

It’s no wonder Stephanie says, “the devil is in the details.”

“Think about the weave, the pattern, the materials, the edges, and trim. All elements are important, and the details are really what make something unique and special,” she points out. “Try to think ahead and. Not just what's trendy now but what you might like for the future. Since it's an investment, aim for beauty with longevity.”

3. Location matters.

“Custom rugs make a statement that is truly unique to your home. They’re more of an investment so consider location for biggest impact like an entry hall or the dining room,” advises Gregory Nelmes, owner, Gregory Nelmes Interior Design.

“Look at the rug placement in correlation to your furniture,” adds Susan Jones, president, Sisal Rugs Direct. “Make sure the rug grounds and defines the space.”

4. Ask for samples.

“This will ensure color expectations are met,” notes Gregory. Susan advises matching these samples to furniture, floor and all colors.  Samples help you get a good idea of the texture and color in your home before ordering.  Added bonus - the first 6 samples are free at Sisal Rugs Direct!!

5. Take advantage of choices.

“Look at all of the border bindings that are available. At Sisal Rugs Direct, we offer a multitude of options in a variety of widths and colors. We’ll even let you use your own material.” says Susan.

Find out more about how custom rugs can take your home from so-so to show stopping, and check out all of the details about your custom-design options.

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