5 Natural Home Décor Trends to Try This Year

5 Natural Home Décor Trends to Try This Year

Want to design a stylish, stress-free space? Try these five natural home decor trends from Sisal Rugs to create a calm, and beautiful, interior.


Think about the last time you went on a walk in the park. Do you remember coming back feeling calmer and more energized? Surrounding yourself in nature is a great way to lower stress and relieve anxiety. Fresh air, the sun and natural materials all work together to lift spirits and create a good mood. While you can't spend all of your time outdoors to find relief, you can decorate with a few natural accessories to feel happier in your space. Design a calm and chic space using these five natural home decor trends. 

Incorporate texture into a room using natural-fiber wallpaper 

The course textures found in nature can help you design a more interesting room. Consider hanging natural-fiber wallpaper in a space lacking excitement. 

Layer bright-colored rugs on top of neutral sisal carpets

Who says you can't decorate with both natural materials and bright colors? By layering natural-fiber rugs with colorful designs, you can bring the best of both worlds into your space. 

Display shells and rocks to create a beachy, breezy look

Create a beachy look in you home all year long using decorative shells, rocks and even sand. Open shelves in the living room and bedroom are a great place to display shells. Consider filling up a glass jar with sand and placing shells or colorful rocks on top to put on your coffee table. 

Add a rustic touch with branches

Obviously, energizing green plants and colorful flowers are a great natural decor option. Decorative branches in vases also make a great accessory in your home. 

Bring natural beauty into a room with tree trunk side tables

This natural trend is still fairly new and brings a unique style to your home. Oftentimes the tree trunk tables are made from fallen trees. 

Bring the soothing effects of nature into your space. These earthy decor ideas make it easy to design a stylish and calming home!

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