6 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas

6 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas

Bring a 1960s feel to your space with these design-inspired tips for using rugs to enhance your Mid-Century Modern interior design. 



Mid-Century Modern design is a style that seems like it belongs to a certain era–as the name suggests, the middle of the 20th century. But even though Mid-Century Modern has since made way for many other styles, it has never really gone out of style. 

Full of straightlaced geometric shapes juxtaposed with funky organic designs, Mid-Century Modern design makes it easy to make whatever space you’re decorating feel timeless and effortlessly cool. 

One of the best ways to round out your Mid-Century Modern decor is with a rug that blends into the theme. Let’s take a look at six aspects of Mid-Century Modern style and how to use rugs to bring those elements into your design. 

Spare design

Mid-Century Modern design emphasizes function over form, and as such it doesn’t leave a lot of room for frills and embellishments. But, unlike minimalist interior design, Mid-Century Modern isn’t going for a sparse design landscape for its own sake. Instead, the focus on function means the straightforward and elegant feel is a byproduct, not an end goal. 

The best rug: Embrace the subtle elegance of Mid-Century Modern design with this Boucle Sisal Rug in Natural

Geometric patterns

If you close your eyes and think of the quintessential Mid-Century Modern room, you’re probably envisioning lots of stark lines and sleek furniture. But the playfulness of Mid-Century Modern design comes from geometric patterns, and once you know to look for them you will start to see them in just about any room bedecked in this style. 

The best rug: The sharp lines that make up the wave pattern on this Wool Sisal Rug in Dove will fit seamlessly into any Mid-Century Modern room.  

Organic textures and materials

But what makes Mid-Century Modern design really stand out is the juxtaposition of those clean geometric shapes with the rough asymmetry of nature. The controlled combination of clean and messy is what gives depth and personality to what might otherwise be a somewhat sterile design scheme. Rock walls, big plants, and natural materials are all integral parts of Mid-Century Modern design.  

The best rug: When it comes to adding organic texture, a rug made from natural fibers like seagrass can’t be beat. This Seagrass Rug in Seashell brings a natural feel while embracing the subtle color and geometric parameters of Mid-Century Modern design.

Natural colors

Along with natural materials comes natural colors. But in your Mid-Century Modern room, natural colors don’t have to mean boring colors. Plants like monsteras, dragon trees, and snake plants are especially good at bringing the colors and shapes of nature into a Mid-Century Modern space. 

The best rug: To complement all that greenery, consider a sunny yellow rug like this Lana Looped Wool Sisal Rug in Beach.

Synthetic materials

Of course, Mid-Century Modern design isn’t just a bunch of wood furniture and houseplants. It wouldn’t be from the mid-20th century if it didn’t have a hefty dose of the synthetic. Plastic, acrylic, and formica are all common materials for Mid-Century Modern furniture. Fabrics that fit this design mold are often artificial, like polyester and nylon. 

The best rug: If you’re looking to balance out a room design that skews more natural, consider a rug made from a synthetic material, like this Polysilk Outdoor Rug in Ebony

Bold accents

With all this talk of functional design and minimal embellishment, it can be easy to forget that Mid-Century Modern design is supposed to be fun. The clean and subtle design elements that make up the foundation of the style are the perfect backdrop for bold splashes of color. This is often accomplished with a bright couch or a piece of abstract art that makes use of simple forms and primary colors. 

The best rug: Starting with Mid-Century Modern design staples of geometric design and subtle colors, this Key Wool Sisal Rug in Natural has a bold custom border in Paradise Blue.

Mid-Century Modernize Today

Whether you’re looking to go all-in on a 1960s design or simply looking to add elements from multiple styles to make your home your own, any of these rugs will bring a strong sense of Mid-Century Modern design. 

No matter what style you’re going for, we have the rug to match. Get started on your design journey by checking out our wide selection of custom rugs

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