8 Reasons to Go Au Natural with Sisal Rugs

8 Reasons to Go Au Natural with Sisal Rugs

Find out 8 reasons why sisal rugs are a healthy, more versatile and durable floor-covering choice


Do you think you have to live without rugs because you’re plagued with allergies, you want to be environmentally responsible, or you don’t think they can take the wear and tear of your family? Think again, and think about sisal rugs.

1. Sisal Rugs are Environmentally Friendly

Sisal rugs are renewable, sustainable, and long-lasting. The plant materials used to make them can be collected again and again without damaging the ecosystem. Sisal rug fibers, for instance, come from the agave sisalana cactus. Approximately 1,000 fibers are extracted from a single leaf. The rest of the plant is used to feed animals or produce electricity. They’re 100% biodegradable and won’t end up in a landfill.

2. Sisal Rugs Mitigate Allergies

Sisal rugs repel common allergens, such as dust mites, that thrive in conventional carpeting. They’re also inhospitable to pollen. In fact, sisal rugs may even be better than plain hardwood or linoleum because they trap dust and allergens and can be vacuumed away.

3. Sisal Rugs Don’t Off Gas

Conventional carpets can off gas, or release volatile organic compounds(VOCs), for at least five years. You may recognize this smell when you lay a new rug. These chemicals have been linked to about 180 health issues. Sisal rugs are natural and aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals, therefore they have almost no VOCs and don’t off gas. What they do release is a natural, grassy smell that will disappear soon after your rug or carpet is opened up and left to breath.

4. Sisal Rugs are Durable If you require floor-covering in a high-traffic area, sisal rugs can stand up to the challenge. Its source, the agave sisalana cactus, is so durable that no drought has ever killed it over a century of commercial production. In fact it is used to make marine rope for large ships.

5. Sisal Rugs Provide Sound Proofing

If you don’t want the people downstairs to hear your every move, sisal rugs are the healthy, environmentally sound choice. You can still mute noise, but you won’t be exposed to the chemicals, dust and dirt inherent in standard wall-to-wall carpeting. Again,you’ll be kinder the environment because sisal is renewable and sustainable.

6. Sisal Rugs Reduce Static

Wintertime especially brings shocking surprises, especially in colder climates, thanks to static electricity. Sisal rugs stops the shock because it absorbs energy, maintains normal humidity and prevents static buildup.

7. Sisal Rugs Maintain Their Color

Sisal rugs are free of artificial colors so they won’t stain anything that rests on them. Furthermore, any sunlight will subtly change the color, but there won’t be the obvious fading you see with conventional rugs.

8. Sisal Rugs Fit Any Style

Sisal rugs aren’t just for designers who are in love with shabby chic. Consider this:

  • They can magically make formal interior design more livable without losing an ounce of elegance.
  • Their texture and color can provide a masculine touch.
  • Their neutral tone can optimally enhance a colorful décor without clashing or aesthetic boredom.

Bring lasting, natural beauty home with sisal rugs that come in a remarkable variety of sizes and patterns, and can even be custom designed at Sisal Rugs Direct. Go here to inspire ideas or call us at 1-888-613-1335.

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