8 Rug Layering Dos and Don’ts

8 Rug Layering Dos and Don’ts

Layering rugs can make your home look professionally designed, or continuously messy. Find out how to do it right with sisal rugs.


Rug layering continues to be popular for good reason: It can stretch interior design budgets to impressive lengths while instantly introducing inviting style to any space. Consider layering when:

  • You have a rug you love but it just isn’t quite big enough.
  • You don’t want to replace a stained or worn carpet quite yet.
  • You want to create a fresh look with what you already own or at a minimal cost.
  • You simply want to add texture, color and patterns in your rooms.


  • Use a high pile on the bottom rug or your top rug won’t lay flat. Select a rug that has a low or flat weave. Our Brasilia or Boucle Sisal Rugs are the perfect choice.
  • Create a tripping hazard. Bound edges can provide a smooth transition between rugs. And again, be sure to select a rug with a flat weave. We offer 8 border materials that come in dozens of colors; you can even supply your own.  
  • Make the furniture wobble. Create a steady surface with a flat, large, bound base.
  • Overwhelm the room with your floor. Consider the entire space – furnishings, accents and fixtures - when selecting your rug.


  • Use a neutral rug on the bottom unless you have a very sharp eye for blending color  (a jute rug works great). Your rug should complement every aspect of your room. We offer  55 neutral tones  that blend well with both warm and cool color schemes.
  • Compliment art or a unique piece of furniture. A thoughtfully placed smaller rug can subtly direct attention.
  • Indicate areas where people can sit together. Furniture can look adrift in large room, but thoughtfully layering area rugs can instantly create gathering points.
  • Use the same color family as the rest of your décor. This will enable you to create contrast without clashing.

Sisal Rug Direct makes it easy and affordable for you to layer rugs, even if you’re a design novice. Our neutral, flat weaves create a solid, yet stylish, layering base that will give your interior design that professional touch. See for yourself by exploring our sisal rug collection.

Photo credit: Architectural Digest

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