8 Runners Perfect For Modern, Stylish Homes

8 Runners Perfect For Modern, Stylish Homes

Runners are an excellent addition to any home. They offer safety and comfort. Check out some of our favorites from the Sisal Rugs Direct online catalog.


Runners are the longer, skinnier cousin of the traditional area rug. While an area rug can be chosen for a number of aesthetic reasons, a runner is almost always picked based on it's practical benefits. They help keep you from slipping and sliding on the stairs, protect high traffic entryways from wear and tear, and can cushion feet in the smallest of home spaces.

Just because choosing a runner is more of a practical choice than a style one doesn’t mean that style isn’t a part of the equation. In fact, at Sisal Rugs Direct we’re proud to have a wide variety of stylish runners available for any type of home decor style. 

Before you browse a selection of some of our favorite available runners, we have a couple tips:

  • When it comes to measuring the space needed for your runner, it's ideal to have between 4 and 5 inches of visible flooring on each side. This is so that the runner defines the space it's in instead of crowding it.
  • It is essential to get a rug pad for your runners. Here's why: runners are almost always located in high traffic areas of your home or on areas, like the stairs, that require extra attention. A rug pad gives added density to your rug, making potential slips or trips less likely.

Now it’s time to start looking at some of the most popular runners we have available for purchase from our online catalog.

Trinidad Sisal Rug 

The Trinidad sisal rug is thickly woven in a unique basket weave design. It's neutrally colored, which can work with any style of home decor, and the thick weave makes it especially comfy underfoot.

Montego Outdoor Sisal Rug

We mentioned earlier to keep a careful eye on the patterns you choose for the runners in your home. The Montego Outdoor Sisal Rug has a pattern that can translate to any size, it's "Greek Key" design a cool and angular line study that can add texture to whichever room it's in.

Kava Patterned Sisal Rug

The Kava patterned sisal rug is another runner option with a fun, scalable pattern - this one a more traditional diamond shape. This option has a flat weave pattern and low pile height, making it a great option for the few areas of your home that both need a runner and have less foot traffic.

Lido Wool Rug

We love wool. Wool is soft, cozy, warm, and can last for decades with the right care. The Lido wool rug is one of our most popular options as both runner and area rug. It’s available in three colors, all of them bright and stark and perfect for adding brightness to an entry or hall.

Lana Looped Wool Sisal Rug

Wool is a great option as a runner due to it's comfort and softness. Sisal is a great option for runners because of it's durability. That's why the lana looped wool sisal rug is perfect as a runner: it's strong, cozy, and available in colors that can light up a room like bright Beach yellow.

Seagrass Area Rug 

Seagrass is one of our green, sustainable rug material options. It's also known for its stain resistance, making it a good option for entryways or hallways facing the outdoors. Seagrass area rugs are undyed and smooth, making them an option that's better for hallways than staircases.

Suri Jute Blend Rug

Jute is another one of our undyed rug material options. It’s durable and soft, but also absorbent, so put your jute runners in interior hallways and away from entrances or exits. Our jute blend rugs are available in a variety of beautiful light tans and browns that can add natural flair to any home.

Embassy Indoor Outdoor Rugs 

This option is one of the more unique ones on the list, but hear us out: a bold, black runner in your entryway can set a really stylish tone. The embassy indoor outdoor rugs can do just that, and because they're made from a durable polypropylene, they're perfect for entryways where they'll face your family’s shoes and anything they drag inside.

It’s time to stop running from runners. The benefits are endless - and so is the selection! If you’d like to explore our wide selection of runners in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns further, all you have to do is click this link to take a look at our complete online catalog.


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