Like Black and White? You’ll Love the Faded Rug Trend

Like Black and White? You’ll Love the Faded Rug Trend

Stephanie Coffaro, interior architect, describes the elements of the faded rug trend and how to recreate it in your own space.


Chances are, some of you probably have embraced the faded rug trend without even realizing it, especially if you love the classic elegance of black and white. This is the essence of the faded rug trend, says Stephanie Coffaro, Interior Architect, who developed the faded interior-design approach. Find out more about her in Creating Sanctuary: A Conversation with Stephanie Coffaro.

Not to be mistaken for distressed rugs, vintage or antique rugs, “The faded trend unites the timelessness of black, white and shades of gray to effortlessly create high-contrast, yet profoundly relaxing spaces,” explains Stephanie.

You can identify and follow this trend with:

1. Colors that fall in the spectrum of white, black and gray. “They’re very soft, neutral and quite timeless,” she notes.



2. High contrast walls and floors. “We’re pairing dark, shiny, black floors, white walls and white ceilings to create a sense of infinity,” she says. “You can also do a reverse with all-black spaces and white floors.”

Faded Table.jpg

3. Smoky, translucent glass walls or textured walls. “These create separation and privacy without creating barriers,” says Stephanie. “It’s more of an open feeling, but removed just enough so that there’s a sense of privacy.”

4. Objects that are airy and mesh-like. “This create a sense of movement and softness to balance high-contrast colors that can be overpowering.”

Rest assured, you don’t have to paint all the walls in your house black or white to create the faded look, but if that’s your style, then go for it! If you’re not ready to take the leap, consider using design accessories to reflect this trend, such as:

  • Pillows and throws in black, white and shades of gray
  • Black and white vases
  • Incorporating matte black hardware
  • Mirrors with black and white frames
  • A gray natural fiber rug with a black or white border –create your own!

“Black and white is like a blank canvas; it’s timeless and soothing. Don’t be afraid of committing to a bold black wall or white space,” notes Stephanie. “Even if you’re a really colorful person you can layer all of these colorful things within a black and white room,” she notes. “It’s really about using color in the right amount, and that’s going to be different for every person.”

The Versatility of the Faded Rug Trend

The faded rug trend is very versatile; it doesn't have to be all black and white. The beauty of this trend is the way it fits in several interior design themes, from minimalism to more eclectic designs.

Minimalist Design

A faded rug can be a subtle, yet stunning centerpiece to your room. By adding a faded rug to a minimalist design, you introduce texture and sophistication without overwhelming the room.

Bohemian Styles

For those who adore the Bohemian look, the faded rug trend can add a touch of elegance and grounded. In a room filled with vibrant colors and multiple textures, a black and white faded rug can act as a balance and bring the space together.

Classic Interiors

In traditional design, this trend can add the twist of a modern rug while maintaining the classic elegance of your home. The use of faded black and white rugs can bridge the gap between old and new.

Houndstooth in Raven, Black and White Area Rug from Sisal Rugs Direct

Layering on Other Rugs and Carpet

One of the more innovative ways to embrace the faded rug trend is through layering. Placing a faded rug atop a larger, more colorful rug can create an intriguing visual effect, adding depth and dimension to the floor space. You can also layer a faded rug on top of wall-to-wall carpet to bring cohesion to your room.

In the next blog post, Stephanie will discuss the therapeutic power of the natural trend, which creatively brings the outdoors inside.

In the meantime, if you love the faded trend and want to bring elements of it into your space, one of the easiest and non-committal ways to do that is with a natural fiber rug. Customize it by size, shape, color pattern and border.  

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