You’ll Love Going Gray with These Gray Living Room Rugs!

You’ll Love Going Gray with These Gray Living Room Rugs!

Gray rugs are a popular choice because they are neutral and can be easily matched with other colors and decor. But there is so much more to gray rugs than simply their ability to blend into the background.


Adding a gray rug to your home brings a unique look and feel you can’t get with more vibrant rugs. For example, a muted gray rug will help brighter accent pieces pop, while a bolder, more saturated gray rug can add some dramatic flare all on its own. 

Whether your style is understated or way out there, we have a gray rug that will fit right in. 

8 Gray-t Rugs for Your Living Room 

Arlington Polypropylene Rug

Arlington Polypropylene Rug in Gunmetal

The Arlington polypropylene rug is a vibrant and dynamic choice for any home. Its bold herringbone pattern in shades of gray and black evokes the Art Deco era, and its luxurious polypropylene construction makes it soft underfoot and easy to clean. Pair it with a sleek, modern sofa and coffee table for a clean, streamlined look, or add it to a traditional dining room for an extra touch of luxury.

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Bali Sisal Blend Rug

Bali Sisal Blend Rug in Gunmetal

The Bali Sisal Blend Rug in Gunmetal is a delightful blend of natural sisal fibers and synthetic polysilk. This combination makes this rug uncommonly soft as well as durable. The contrasting light and dark gray weave design gives the rug a warm and inviting feel, and its neutral feel will make it right at home in any decor. 

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Boucle Sisal Rug

Boucle sisal in Fossil

The Boucle sisal in Fossil features a beautiful medium gray color that will bring balance and sophistication to any space. Made with high-quality African sisal fibers, this rug features a tight weave that is especially durable and long lasting, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas where comfort is a must. 

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Carmen Polysilk Outdoor Rug

Carmen rug in Ebony

The Carmen rug in Ebony is a stylish and durable rug that is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Each Carmen rug is hand-loomed using 100% UV stabilized Polysilk fibers, so you can be sure it will withstand the elements without sacrificing style. The variegated black, ivory, and gray fibers are blended to create a stunning speckled pattern that will complement its surroundings no matter where you place it. Polysilk is also mold and mildew resistant, making it the perfect choice for high-humidity areas or outdoor use. 

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Camila Wool Rug

Camila rug in Fog

The Camila rug in Fog is an elegant addition to any home. It features a classic diamond pattern in shades of cream and gray. The rug is made from 100% wool fibers, which means it is quite soft as well as naturally stain resistant. It can be cut to any size and shape, which means you can use this rug to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room of your home, from the living room to the bedroom to the hallway.

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Cedar Bay Polypropylene Rug

The Cedar Bay rug in gray is woven from polypropylene fibers into a fun, slightly abstract Ogee pattern that gives the appearance of sunlight filtering through water. The rug's artificial fibers are made to be especially resistant to mold, mildew, and UV rays. This makes the rug perfect for humid and messy areas inside your home such as your kitchen or bathroom, or outside your home on your patio or deck. 

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Chester Wool Sisal Rug 

The Chester rug in Black Rock features a classic checkered pattern in shades of black, gray, and beige. This rug is made from a combination of 80% sisal fibers and 20% wool fibers, which makes it exceptionally durable and soft. The Chester rug will be at home in just about any interior decor style, from an uncluttered Mid-Century Modern look to a wild, busy maximalist space

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Andes Outdoor Sisal Polypropylene Rug

Andes rug in Nightfall

Gray doesn’t have to be boring, and the Andes rug in Nightfall proves that point with panache. This polypropylene rug is full of different colors, patterns, and even weave designs that give it a sense of excitement and intrigue. The dark brownish gray that makes up the frame of this rug is accentuated by pops of turquoise, honey gold, and burnt orange. 

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Go Gray Today

Whether you need a bit of unobtrusive comfort, some refined elegance, or an unexpected statement piece, you’ll find what you’re looking for with the right gray rug. Get started by browsing our full selection of custom gray rugs today.

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