Can’t Refinish Your Hardwood Floors? Sisal to the Rescue!

Can’t Refinish Your Hardwood Floors? Sisal to the Rescue!

While freshly refinished hardwood floors are stunning, they can easily show wear within a few months. The good news is you can extend their beauty while maintaining their natural, clean ambiance quickly and easily, with a few rugs. Check out these four examples of how to use rugs to bring out your hardwood floors’ natural beauty.  


Liven up Entry Ways with a Durable Runner Rug

Runner rugs woven of durable, synthetic fabrics like polypropylene or polysilk are a great choice for entryways with hardwood floors. A rug can attractively complement your unfinished hardwood, bringing out its most beautiful qualities. For example, light sisal rugs on dark hardwoods keep floors immaculate while creating an eye-catching contrast that adds elegance. Meanwhile, dark rugs on lighter hardwood can make an entryway feel warmer and more inviting. 

Runner rugs are also a great way to protect the hardwood floor in your entryways. Synthetic fibers are water and tear-resistant. By placing a synthetic rug in your entryway, you can keep muddy boots and paws from soiling or staining your hardwood. Cleaning synthetic rugs couldn’t be easier, so you don’t have to worry about ugly stains or dirt marring the beauty of your entry.

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Dreaming of a parquet hardwood floor in your entryway but you just don’t have the energy, time, or money to create one? Just add a sisal rug or jute rug with a pattern that matches the tones of your hardwood. Adding a richly-textured rug to your entryway will help highlight the natural look of your hardwood, turning its lack of finish from a frustration into an aesthetic asset.

Create Stronger, Safer Stairs with No-slip Natural Fibers

Lisa Scibilia, the author of Shine Your Light Blog, raves about her natural-fiber stair runner. “Do you recall me mentioning once or twice or 352 times that I l.o.v.e. natural fiber stair runners???” she asks. “I love their neutralness, their texture, and their ruggedness for a family with kids,” she writes. “We had a large seagrass rug for over 12 years, and it withstood a lot of abuse. It met its demise thanks to our pup, but for over a decade it stood up to life with young kids and lots of entertaining.” 

Natural fibers like hemp or jute may be a better choice than sisal for stairs. Sisal can become slippery with excessive wear while other fibers are surprisingly long-lasting. If you’re worried about making sure your rugs don’t slip around while they’re on your stairs, consider getting rug backing to keep them locked in place, no matter how quickly you walk over them.

Insulate Living and Dining Spaces with Sisal or Wool

One of the huge drawbacks of hardwood floors is that you know precisely every step the person on the floor above you is taking. Sisal or wool rugs are the perfect solution for living spaces because of their ability to absorb sounds. The plush, soft feel will make the rugs very comfortable for people walking around upstairs… and the people on floors below won’t have to hear them stomping around. You could even layer multiple rugs in a living space to further both effects.

Finding a rug that’s the right size for your living room is easy, no matter what size and shape you’re looking for. Just measure the area for how you’d like to use it and then start customizing the rug until it suits your needs perfectly. Match the border, pattern, shape and color to your hardwood or the existing decor, or purposefully create a dynamic contrast to enliven the space.

Family Room

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For floors that look amazing longer than you ever imagined, turn to sisal rugs. Want more flooring and interior design ideas? We have plenty of inspiration. Enjoy!

Protect Your Dining Room Floor with Sisal or Jute

The same advantages that make sisal rugs so perfect for living rooms also make them a great choice for dining rooms, especially if you upgrade them with a border or backing. Placing a large, rectangular sisal rug beneath your dining table and chairs can substantially muffle the sound of pushing your chairs back and forth on your hardwood. Even better, your rug will protect that wood from the damage moving chair legs might naturally inflict on it over time. 

If you’re worried about spills, you could also try a polypropylene or “outdoor sisal” rug to make cleaning as easy as possible. If you’d like something more natural, jute rugs can also be an excellent option for dining rooms. They’re soft, durable, easy to clean, and perfect for protecting your flooring from sliding chairs.

As these few examples prove, rugs and hardwood floors are a match made in heaven. If you’re ready to complement and enhance the beauty of your unfinished hardwood floors, Sisal Rugs Direct can’t wait to help. Just check out our online customization tools to create the rug that’s perfect for your floor.

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