Coordinate Your Home with an Area Rug and Matching Runner

Coordinate Your Home with an Area Rug and Matching Runner

When we think about interior design, the conversation is usually about one room at a time. Creating a coastal living room, making your bedroom a calming sanctuary, or even how best to decorate your guest bathroom.


But no room in your home exists on its own. What if you want to add a sense of continuity between spaces? In that case, you may want to consider adding an area rug with a matching runner

Why Have an Area Rug with a Matching Runner?

Matching rugs can create a sense of cohesion and visual harmony, making the transition from one space to another seamless. This approach works well in homes where a consistent, unified look is the goal. 

But even if your home doesn’t have a consistent aesthetic throughout, adding a matching hallway runner and living room area rug can showcase your attention to detail and make disparate design choices feel more intentional.

Practical Considerations

While aesthetics are undoubtedly important, practical considerations should not be overlooked when selecting matching hallway runners and area rugs. Make sure the size of each rug is appropriate for the space, with measurements that allow for a balanced and visually pleasing arrangement. 

Placement is equally crucial, as proper rug positioning can define areas and provide a sense of coziness—or, if proportions are off, a sense of clutter. You will want to make sure that each rug is able to sit at least six inches away from the wall, and that furniture in each space is able to rest at least its front legs on the rug. 

It’s also smart to be mindful of cleaning requirements. Keeping on top of rug maintenance will keep your rugs looking their best over time. It will also help prevent the development of mold, mildew, dust, and other allergens that can lead to unpleasant respiratory symptoms.  

Tips for Matching Hallway Runner and Area Rugs

Ready to match your hallway runner and living room area rug? Here is some guidance to get you started. 

To match or coordinate?

You can either choose matching rugs for both areas or select rugs that coordinate well in terms of color and style. Matching rugs create a strong sense of unity, while coordinated rugs allow for some variation—and interpretation of what is considered a unifying element.

Keep it consistent

You can match each rug by having two identical designs, or you can opt for coordinating color or pattern. If you choose to coordinate color, make sure the palette is harmonious for both the hallway runner and area rug. This creates a seamless transition between spaces. If you go for patterns, choose similar or complementary patterns for both rugs. 

Size harmony 

Ensure that the sizes of the hallway runner and area rug complement the dimensions of each space. The rugs should be proportionate to the rooms they are in. But perhaps more importantly, each rug should be roughly the same scale in relation to the room it's in: you don’t want your hallway runner rug to be bumping up against the wall while your area rug has a two foot gap on each side.

Style continuity

While matching two rugs can be a relatively simple task, these are not the only two items that should go together. Keep the style of the rugs consistent with your home's overall interior design. For example, if you have a cottagecore living room, choose rugs with an organic, rough texture made from natural fibers. 

Balance boldness 

If you are going for a coordinated look versus straight matching, you may decide to add one rug that has a bold pattern or color. Your best bet in this situation is to balance it with a more subdued or neutral rug in the other space to avoid overwhelming the overall design. To keep things coordinated, consider matching the texture, pattern, or rug border. 

Pattern scale 

Pay attention to the scale of patterns for each space. If you have a large living room, choose a rug that has a large-scale pattern. However, since hallways are generally much smaller spaces, your hallway runner can match with a smaller sized version of the same pattern to maintain visual balance.

Rug layering

For added depth and interest, consider layering rugs. There are two options for putting this popular decorating trend into practice. One option is to allow the hallway runner to come into the living room, ultimately resting on top of the larger area rug. Alternatively, you can layer a rug with a bold pattern or color over a larger, more neutral rug in your living room while having a runner with the same bold pattern or color on its own in the hallway. 

Make it your own

Trust your instincts and personal style—it’s your home, after all! Matching rugs offers a chance to infuse your unique personality into your interior design. Be open to experimentation and don't be afraid to break traditional design rules to achieve a look that feels right for you and your space. 

Meet Your Match 

It’s easy to get the exact coordinated look you want in your living room and hallway with a custom rug. All of our rugs are cut to order, so all you have to do is pick the color, pattern, material, or whatever other feature you are most excited about matching and then give us the measurements. You’ll have a gorgeously matching living room and hallway in no time!  

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