How to Choose the Best Hotel Rugs for Your Hospitality Space

How to Choose the Best Hotel Rugs for Your Hospitality Space

Decorating is all about creating comfort for guests. Here’s how to choose a rug for your hotel that welcomes guests and enhances their experience.


Decorating a hotel is all about creating a comforting, appealing, and welcoming environment for every guest who walks through your doors. From wall art to lighting to natural-fiber area rugs, there are many simple ways to enhance the different areas of your hotel space.

Natural-fiber area rugs add depth to your space. Available in a wide array of neutral tones, naturally derived fibers work with any color scheme, and their subtle patterns and designs keep things interesting.

Not only are they stylish, sisal rugs are also a great way to create a soothing space. Because they are never over-the-top and do not feature bright colors, natural-fiber rugs can give any environment a more peaceful vibe.

Try placing a large area rug underneath the bed or set down a small rug near the door to design a welcoming entrance. Natural-fiber rugs offer an affordable and simple way to enhance the elegance in your hotel, and guests will leave impressed with the interior's five-star look.  

But, before you make your purchase, it’s important to recognize the different features of each natural fiber rug, so that you can determine the best placement for each rug.

The Best Hotel Rugs for Your Hospitality Space

Hotels present a unique challenge for designers: any decor used in a hotel has to be durable enough to withstand high foot traffic and heavy luggage coming in and out each day. Below, get our recommendations for the five best hotel rugs and why you should use them in your space.

1. Commercial Nylon Area Rugs

Nylon rugs are one of the most widely used rugs today, largely because of their soft-to-the-touch texture and high durability. Nylon is perfect for high-traffic areas like a hotel lobby, foyer, or business center. Each style in our selection of commercial nylon area rugs is customizable to match nearly any look and any color scheme. Bonus: nylon is stain-resistant and easy to clean!

Hudson Room Sandstone.jpgHudson Room Sandstone.jpg

Add texture and color to your hotel lobby with a commercial Hudson nylon rug in Sandstone.

2. Commercial Sisal Area Rugs

For a more sustainable option that helps your property meet its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, consider commercial-grade sisal. Commercial sisal area rugs are durable, stain-resistant, and extremely versatile. Sisal can be woven straight as well as into unique patterns to help your space stand out. Sisal’s natural, creamy-white hue can be dyed nearly any color, which means they’re guaranteed to fit your hotel’s color scheme.

Create A Como Stain Resistant Sisal Rug - 7101 3 1.jpgCreate A Como Stain Resistant Sisal Rug - 7101 3 1.jpg

Commercial sisal is an all-natural, sustainable option you can feel good about.

3. Commercial Wool Area Rugs

All-natural, commercial wool rugs are incredibly smooth and soft to the touch. Because of their soft weave, wool rugs work perfectly inside hotel rooms, where guests can kick off their shoes and bury their toes in the wool to enjoy the full experience this fiber provides. Try putting a large, wool area rug under the hotel bed(s) or place a smaller rug near the couch or chair.

Soho Wool Commercial Rugs & Carpet - Goathair Wool.jpgSoho Wool Commercial Rugs & Carpet - Goathair Wool.jpg

Add depth and durability to your hotel floors with Soho Wool carpet in Taupe.

4. Seagrass Area Rugs

Like sisal, seagrass is a thick and durable fiber that makes for a great area rug. Seagrass works well in high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways, but its beautiful beige hue deserves to be seen on a grander scale. It is the most stain resistant natural fiber.  Show off the gorgeous colors and textures of your seagrass rug by choosing a larger area rug to be the focal point of the lobby floor.

Seaside-seagrass-seagrass-wide-cotton-pistachio Rm.jpgSeaside-seagrass-seagrass-wide-cotton-pistachio Rm.jpg

Seagrass can be used indoors or out. Set your patio apart with a seagrass rug in Seaside.

5. Outdoor Area Rugs

It’s not just your inside space that matters. When decorating outdoor areas, such as outside the hotel entrance or on top of a balcony, rugs from our indoor/outdoor polypropylene collection are your best choice. These outdoor area rugs are resistant to mold and mildew. They’re made to survive outside, unlike natural fiber rugs. Since they are built to withstand the outdoor elements, they are also great for hotel bathrooms, where a splash (or spill) of water won’t hurt them.

Hotel Rugs Your Guests Will Love

From inside hotel rooms to out in the open of the lobby or in a shady spot on the patio, area rugs make a great addition to every area in a hotel. We love helping hospitality spaces turn their dream design into a reality with our selection of natural-fiber and indoor/outdoor polypropylene rugs. These simple, affordable area rugs will bring a high level of quality to your hotel space.

When it comes to decorating your hotel, it's essential to create a space that is soothing and stylish. Guests who book a room at your hotel want to take a break from the daily grind, even if it's just for a night. The question, then, is how do you design a room that is both relaxing and sophisticated? Try decorating the room with a rug.

For more hotel design inspiration, check out these five jaw-dropping hotel makeovers.

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