How To Clean Your Hemp Rug

How To Clean Your Hemp Rug


How To Clean Hemp Rugs

Hemp area rugs offer several advantages that make them a popular choice among homeowners. They're woven from hemp grass (also known as mountain grass) found in the highlands of China, which is both a renewable and pesticide-free fiber. Along with being eco-friendly, these natural-fiber rugs are affordable, stylish and easy to maintain. This is because natural fibers are more durable than synthetic alternatives and dirt does not cling to them. That being said, knowing how to properly clean your hemp area rug is necessary and can help extend the life and quality of your rug. 

The easiest way to maintain your rug and keep it clean is to vacuum regularly. When placed in high-traffic areas, it's common for rugs to become dirty. Vacuuming, fortunately will pick up the loose dirt that could lead to stains, as well as help to eliminate previous stains. 

If you spill food, liquid or anything else that can cause stains on your rug, spot clean the area with a damp white cloth. Spot cleaning should involve only blotting/dabbing; never rub the stain deeper into the carpet. 

Any other methods you use to clean your hemp area rug should only involve dry processes. Hemp rugs absorb moisture, which can lead to mold and mildew, and therefore they are not well-suited for cleaning methods that involve water saturation, such as steam cleaning or wet shampoos. For your convenience, Sisal Rugs offers a Dry Carpet Cleaning Kit that can be used on any natural-fiber rug. Learn more about our cleaning products, or shop our selection of hemp area rugs today at HERE

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