How to Coordinate Rug Color With Your Flooring

How to Coordinate Rug Color With Your Flooring

Flooring and rugs go together like peanut butter and jelly however there are a few things that you need to get right to make the correct statement.


Adding an area rug to a room can completely transform the look of the room. The color of the rug and the color of the flooring work together to control the focus of the room. They’ll either steal the show as the main focus of the room, or they’ll give the room’s other items a moment to shine. Here’s how you can pair rug color with your flooring to change the overall appearance of your space:

Highlight Other Parts of the Room

When a rug and floor are similar colors and blend together, attention is drawn to other areas of the room. If the goal of your design layout is to highlight a part of the room besides the floor, such as designer furniture or a stunning piece of wall art, you want a rug that won’t steal eyes away from the main attraction. For light-colored wood or tile floor designs, consider rugs of similar tones, like khaki, Mayan tan or Edgewood. For dark floors, look for rugs in ebony, Turkish coffee or similar colors.

Make the Rug and Floor Stand Out

If you’d rather feature the rug as one of the room’s standouts instead of other pieces, then choose a color that contrasts the floor. The contrasting colors of the rug and flooring will draw eyes immediately to the rug. Detailing in the flooring will stand out as well, showing off the wood floor’s grain work or giving a tile floor’s pattern an extra pop.

Add a Splash of Contrast

You might be tempted to get a neutral rug, lay it out on the floor and call it a day. If you’re feeling daring, you might even try layering something like the Sante Fe Diamond Sisal in Indigo with a Mallorca in Marine. -But nothing says your rugs have to be a set number, have matching patterns or even matching colors. Layering rug colors and patterns in an otherwise neutral room can be its own bold fashion statement. 

Size Your Rug for Effect

Rugs, runners and carpets, oh my! Which one or ones you get should depend on the effect you’re going for. Wall to wall carpeting has its beauty, but covers the flooring beneath it - a perfect fix for permanently stained or marred floors. Smaller rugs and runners allow you to showcase the richness of a warm wooden floor, while increasing the visual size of the room. Smaller rugs also help to delineate areas of the home in open floor plans.

Each type of natural fiber rug comes in a variety of colors. Explore the color options and find the rug that will look best in your home at

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