How to Fix Slippery Stairs

How to Fix Slippery Stairs

Hardwood stairs are beautiful but are they safe? With these tips, you can prevent slippery stairs and keep your home safe.


Hardwood stairs are a stunning addition in a home, but they have one major downside: they’re slippery. You don’t want accidents or slips and falls happening because of slippery stairs, especially if the stairs are well-trafficked or kids will be running up and down them throughout the day. To improve stair safety in your home, try one of these slippery stair fixes to make the wood stairs less slippery.

Stair Runner

Carpeted stair runners are a happy medium between wood and carpeted stairs. They cover the center of the stairs to create a safer walking path by adding traction, yet they leave the hardwood exposed on the edges to show off the wood’s natural beauty.

For a quality runner that perfectly fits your stairs, Sisal Rugs specializes in creating custom-sized stair runners in a variety of natural fibers. Wool is one of the most popular fibers for stair runners, but sisal, sisal-wool blend, seagrass, jute and other fibers are also available to fit your needs.

Visit the Stair Runners page to learn more about fiber types and the easiest way to measure for a stair runner.

Abrasive Tape

Adding abrasive tape to stairs is a simple way to prevent slipping without covering any portion of the beautiful hardwood stairs. Tread tape sticks to the surface of the stairs and creates a rough surface so shoes have something to grip while walking.

Non-slip Coating

Another easy to install option is a non-slip or anti-slip coating, which is applied to the hardwood stairs with a brush or roller-like paint or finish. Clear coating is available for you to leave the original hardwood design showing, or the coating comes in multiple colors if you’d like to give the stairs a new look.

Safety should never be a concern in your home. With a stair runner, abrasive tape or non-slip coating, you can breathe a little easier knowing your hardwood stairs aren't going to cause any slipping mishaps.

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