Toxic Chemicals in our Everyday Products!

Toxic Chemicals in our Everyday Products!

Our natural fiber rugs do not off-gas at all, as there are no toxic chemicals involved.


May 25, 2011

A recent report on the Today Show about baby products loaded with chemicals and the resulting health concerns made me think about the chemicals that are found in many of the carpet and rug materials.

This report talked about fire retardant used on baby mattresses. Imagine you take the plastic off of a new baby mattress for your beautiful, healthy new baby and there is a chemical smell from the treatments used to supposedly protect our children. Think of your baby laying on that all night and during naps, inhaling those fumes! If you can’t find more natural bedding, be sure to air out any new products that you children will be using.

I have the same issue with the off gassing of some synthetic carpets and rugs. If I walk into a room where synthetic carpet has just been laid and it has that “new carpet smell”, I have a headache in less than 5 minutes. That’s my body telling me – this is toxic stuff, leave immediately!

Our natural fiber rugs do not off-gas at all, as there are no toxic chemicals involved in the making of the rugs. What you smell when you open one of our rugs is a more natural, sometimes grassy smell.  This will disappear soon after your rug or carpet is opened up and left to breath. However, this smell is not hazardous to your health, nor is it potentially cancer causing. Our natural sisal wool rugs are the same – wool and cotton – no toxic chemicals just natural plant and animal material. Also, any of our natural fiber rugs would be a healthy addition to your baby’s room and your home.

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