How to Find the Best Area Rug for Your Bedroom

How to Find the Best Area Rug for Your Bedroom

Rugs are an essential part of any bedroom decor. The right rug can transform the look and feel of your bedroom, making it more inviting and relaxing.

But how should you style your bedroom with an area rug? And what area rugs are best for your bedroom? Our guide has everything you need to know.


Area Rug Ideas for Small Bedrooms

In a small bedroom, an area rug can add some much needed warmth and visual interest. However, it is important to choose one that will not make the space feel cramped. 

Here are some ideas for how to add an area rug to your small bedroom:

One big rug 

Although it may sound counterintuitive, adding one big rug can create a unified and cohesive look that visually enlarges the space. This setup adds warmth and comfort underfoot, while giving the illusion of a larger bedroom by eliminating the visual fragmentation that can occur with multiple smaller rugs.

The key is to choose a rug that fits the room's dimensions without overwhelming it. Ideally, the rug should extend a few inches beyond the sides and foot of the bed to create a balanced appearance. You should also be sure the rug sits approximately six inches from the wall to avoid having the reverse effect. 

A runner between two beds 

If you have a small bedroom with two beds, such as a guest room or a shared children's room, using a runner between two beds can be a clever way to add style and functionality to the space. Instead of individual rugs for each bed, a runner rug can unify the room's decor while maintaining a sense of separation between the beds.

Ensure that the runner extends slightly underneath the edges of each bed to provide enough coverage. By having the legs of each bed resting on the rug, you effectively anchor the rug in place. 

Frame the bed

If you have a smaller rug, positioning it at the foot of the bed can create a frame or border around the bed. Placing a rug parallel to the foot of the bed creates a visual border that separates the bed from the rest of the room. This adds a touch of style and also provides a sense of structure to the space. It's a design choice that can make a small bedroom feel cozier and more organized, almost like having a designated oasis within the room.

Area Rug Ideas for Big Bedrooms

If you have a big bedroom, you can use a large area rug to ground the space, make it feel more intimate, and add pockets of coziness around your bed. 

Here are some ideas for how to add an area rug to your big bedroom: 

Round rugs

Round rugs are a great option for bigger bedrooms. They can add a touch of style and sophistication to any space. When choosing a round rug for your bedroom, go with one that is large enough that it doesn’t get lost in the space. In fact, a rug that’s too small can have the effect of making the entire room feel smaller. 

Runners on either side of the bed

If your bed sits in the middle of the room, runner rugs can be placed on either side of it to provide a soft landing spot for your feet when you get out of bed. Runner rugs can also help to define the space around your bed and make it feel more inviting.

When choosing runner rugs for your bedroom, consider the size of both your bed and your bedroom. Runner rugs should be long enough to extend at least 12 inches beyond the sides of your bed. They should also be wide enough to provide a comfortable walking surface.

Area rug under the dresser

Putting an area rug under your dresser can help define the areas of your bedroom by creating a border around the dresser. It can also add a bit of warmth and comfort to the space to add coziness when picking out your clothes in the morning.

When choosing an area rug for under your dresser, be sure that it is large enough to accommodate the entire piece of furniture. The rug should also be thick enough to provide cushioning and protection for your floors.

What Should Sit on the Area Rug?

Selecting the perfect area rug for your bedroom is only half the equation; the placement of furniture on the rug is equally important to achieve the desired aesthetic. Your bed may be the most obvious choice to place on top of your bedroom rug, but rugs also work under nightstands, lamps, or any other furniture. 

Perhaps more important than which furniture to put on your rug is that, if you put a rug in your bedroom, you should put something on it. In other words, avoid "floating" furniture arrangements where none of the furniture pieces touch the area rug. This can make the rug seem disconnected from the room and disrupt the overall design cohesion. Ensuring that at least the front legs of one piece of furniture are on the rug helps anchor the room and make the rug look and feel well placed. 

Best Materials for a Bedroom Rug

The best material for a bedroom rug will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular materials for bedroom area rugs. 


Wool rugs are a popular choice for bedrooms because they are soft, durable, and naturally stain-resistant. They are also good at absorbing sound and insulating heat. However, wool rugs can be more expensive than sisal or polypropylene rugs. Still, in terms of comfort, wool can’t be beat. 

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Sisal rugs are made from a natural fiber that is extracted from the agave plant. Sisal rugs are durable and easy to clean. They also have a unique texture that can add a touch of rustic charm. If the natural texture is too rough for your taste, you may want to consider a wool sisal blend rug, which has the same rugged look with a softer feel. 

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Polypropylene rugs are made from synthetic fibers. These rugs are affordable, durable, and come in a variety of colorful designs. They are also easy to clean and stain-resistant. However, polypropylene rugs may not be as soft or plush as wool rugs.

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Additional considerations 

Here are some important things to consider when choosing the best material for your bedroom area rug:

Allergies. If you have allergies, be sure to choose a rug material that is hypoallergenic. Wool and synthetic rugs are generally good choices for people with allergies.

Pets. If you have pets, choose a rug material that is durable and easy to clean. Sisal and synthetic rugs are good choices for homes with pets.

Style. Sisal rugs come in a few different weave patterns, but they are generally limited to natural shades of medium brown. Wool and polypropylene rugs will generally have more color and pattern options. 

Sleep Well Knowing You Have the Best Bedroom Rug 

Whatever your bedroom size, your interior design style, or your budget, you can find the best rug for your bedroom right here. Shop our wide selection of custom cut rugs and make your bedroom the coziest it can be. 


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