Outdoor Design Trends: 5 Ways to Heat Up Summer

Outdoor Design Trends: 5 Ways to Heat Up Summer

In the past, we discussed how to design a stand-out patio to create the perfect space for entertaining in the summer. But how do you take your beautifully built patio, deck, or other outdoor space from good to great? It’s all in the furnishings and décor you use to style your outdoor living space. 



Outdoor living has transformed from a simple seating area to a complete expansion of your home. From inviting outdoor kitchens to furniture and decor for an outdoor living room, creating an exterior space that looks and feels like it was meant to be indoors has increased in popularity. 

Below, we listed a few top outdoor design trends to help ensure your patio, porch, or other creative outdoor space is in style and will have you loving the outdoors this summer season.

1. Add Light With Outdoor Floor Lamps

Summer is in full swing and warm nights are here. Outdoor lights allow for the fun to continue long after the sun is set. Lighting up your outdoor space not only serves as a safety feature for your guests, but also creates an atmosphere that is tranquil and inviting. 

While string lights have been a hot trend for several years, floor lamps sometimes take over. Use a fun outdoor floor lamp in place of traditional string lights to create a relaxed and special ambience on your patio this year. An outdoor floor lamp will provide a subtle glow for your party or offer a clear view of the night sky during an intimate night in.

Outdoor Patio Illuminated By Floor Lamps


2. Treat Your Patio Like a Living Room

More and more homeowners are seeing their outdoor spaces as an expansion of their home design, bringing the indoor interior design into the out-of-doors. This means transforming your outdoor area into a seamless blend of your interior kitchen, living room, and entertainment areas. 

So, when shopping for outdoor furnishings, think of it as an extension of your living room. Don’t hesitate to use furniture, décor, and styles that are traditionally used indoors as a part of your outside design - just be sure to use items that are still built to withstand the elements. Items such as outdoor rugs, throw pillows, outdoor couches, and the previously mentioned floor lamp can help to create a space that is trendy, yet as cool and cozy as the inside of your home.

Outdoor Living Room

3. Use a Neutral Color Palette

Some outdoor design trends are all about minimalism and nature. As a result, neutral color palettes are in. Neutrals offer a timeless, classic look that won’t go out of style like a bold, bright pattern. In addition, the natural colors of your landscaping are really able to shine and pop when your patio has a neutral tone to contrast with. 

When considering a natural color palette, think of colors such as white, beige, taupe, grey, and black. Though these colors may often be thought of as “boring,” they can create the perfect, subtle backdrop for other colors within the space.

Patio Decorated With Neutral Furniture

4. Pot Your Greenery

Going along with the minimalism and nature theme, terracotta colored garden pots are a perfect way to display your plants. Terracotta pots are also classic fixtures that won’t go out of style, making them a great asset for any outdoor space. 

Avoid planting a jumble of different flowers or herbs in a single pot as it can quickly look messy and overgrown. Instead, opt for a one-plant-per-pot method. This will make your outside space look and feel much more organized and modern. And as an added bonus, plants that are potted individually are often easier to maintain.

Front Porch Decorated With Potted Plants

5. Avoid Metal Outdoor Furniture

In the past, wrought-iron has been a staple for many patios. However, with outdoor designs that focus on nature, natural materials, and natural colors, this material can feel a little out of place and too industrial. In this case, go for a wicker or wood option instead of wrought-iron, wire, or metal furnishings.

Wicker and wood furnishings create a more open and airy atmosphere on your patio. Plus, wicker and wood furnishings work well for all patio styles as both materials are easily adjustable. For example, wicker and wood are great additions to contemporary, coastal, or rustic outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Patio With Wood and Wicker Furniture

More Outdoor Design Tips to Get Your Inspiration Flowing

Feeling inspired to bring the indoors, outdoors this summer? Check out our indoor/outdoor rugs to upscale your patio with beautiful colors and patterns.

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