Say “I Do” to the Perfect Wedding Rugs

Say “I Do” to the Perfect Wedding Rugs

Learn how to choose a wedding rug that will meet your exacting standards for beauty and performance on your big day.


You’re planning your big day and you want the ceremony and reception to be perfect. Whether you meet your partner at the altar or outside on the beach, wedding rugs will help you define the space and bring a distinctive look to your wedding. Read on to learn how to use and choose the best rug for your special event

How to Use Wedding Rugs 

While there’s always room for creativity—it is your wedding, after all—the following are the most common uses for rugs at a wedding.

Ceremony Aisle Runner

There is a historical explanation for aisle runners. They were used to prevent the dirt tracked in by wedding guests from transferring onto the bride’s dress. While grime from guests has become less of a concern, many couples still use aisle rugs to add regality or personality to their wedding. 

When used for an outside wedding ceremony, wedding aisle runners serve as an obvious path for the wedding procession. Plus, they provide a smooth and safe walking surface. The bridal party won’t need to worry about heels stuck in the dirt, tripping over uneven surfaces, or getting muck on the hem of their gorgeous gowns. 

Regardless of whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, an aisle runner is an excellent backdrop for the photographs that will adorn your house for years to come. 

Ceremony Rugs

A newer trend in wedding rugs is a ceremony rug. Many couples are choosing to tie the knot on a distinctive carpet, that sets them apart from the rest of the room. After the wedding, couples place the rug in the home as a reminder of their commitment to one another. 

Outdoor Reception Rugs

Rugs can also be used to underscore the vibe that you want for your wedding reception. For example, a beautiful outdoor carpet can be used in dining areas or in a separate area set aside for your guests to relax. 

An Informal Seating Featuring a Sisal Area Rug.

A sisal area rug can be used in an informal seating area at your wedding reception.


Popular Wedding Rugs

When choosing a rug, it’s essential to choose one that visually meshes with your vision for your wedding. But there are practical qualities you’ll what to look for to ensure that your rug performs perfectly. These include appearance, durability, and texture. Here are our top picks to meet specific needs.

Patterned Rugs For Personality 

If you want your wedding rug to stand out, a patterned carpet is the way to go. We have a wool sisal blend area rug that comes in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your day. We also carry a wide range of patterned sisal rugs and patterned wool area rugs, including Moroccan Trellis and Tides Chevron

Moroccan Trellis Rugs Are a Popular Choice for Altar Rugs.

Moroccan Trellis rugs are a popular choice for altar rugs. 

Sisal Area Rugs For Classic Cool

If you want an area rug that’s more subtle, sisal area rugs come in beautiful, natural tones to complement your indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. One of these would look stunning in an informal sitting area decked out with couches and chairs. And, if they decide to kick off their shoes—assuming that’s the vibe you’re going for—the soft comfort of the rug is sure to delight.

Polypropylene Rugs For Indoor and Outdoor Durability

The weather for outdoor weddings can be unpredictable. If you’re going to be celebrating your nuptials under a (hopefully) clear blue sky, you’ll want to make sure your wedding rug is weather-resistant in case—knock on wood—there’s rain on your wedding day. An excellent option is a polypropylene rug; they can be hosed off and not take damage.

Outdoor Wedding Canopy

The weather for outdoor weddings can be unpredictable. Choose a wedding rug that is weather resistant.

Custom Cut Wedding Rugs For a Perfect Fit

Things rarely work out when you force a fit—this holds true for love, Ikea furniture, and wedding rugs. Our custom area rugs can be cut to the exact dimensions to meet your wedding rug needs—be it the aisle or an oddly shaped corner of a reception hall. 

Why You Should Buy Instead of Rent a Wedding Rug

While a rental rug may seem like a practical choice, there are reasons why you should consider taking a rug as your very own, to have and to walk on from this day forth.

Renting rugs can be a hassle, especially on your big day, as someone needs to be on hand for when it’s delivered and when it’s picked up. And, if the rental rug gets damaged, you’ll need to pay for cleaning or replacement, usually at a hefty markup. 

Besides, if you own an outdoor rug, you won’t need to rent one again for all your outdoor anniversary parties. And even if you don’t imagine big shindigs in your future, you can undoubtedly find a use for the rug at home. 

Rugmaker, Rugmaker, Make Me a Match

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It shouldn’t be compromised by wedding rugs that don’t live up to your exacting standards for beauty or performance. 

Use our special event rug services to help you choose the outdoor or indoor rugs that provide the style and durability your wedding day deserves. 

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