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natural fiber rugs and flooring for weddings, promotional events, charitable and fundraising events, corporate events

Do you have a special event or project which you would like to have a natural look? We offer unique and customized natural fiber outdoor rugs and flooring for weddings, promotional events, charitable and fundraising events, corporate events, and more. Our clients have benefited from our extensive collection of natural sisal, seagrass, jute, sisal wool and indoor/outdoor rugs made of polypropylene that can be customized for any project. These unique celebrations offer an opportunity for creativity in all aspects of the event, be it in an indoor or open area. We can help you make your social gathering more memorable from the ground up, regardless of whether you’re holding it inside your home or in an outdoor area.

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Outdoor rugs – How they make a difference for special events

Sometimes, special occasions like weddings and birthdays are best held in an outdoor area. This is especially true in places where the general climate is dry and sunny. All you need is an outdoor rug, like those you can find at Sisal Rugs Direct, to add sophistication to the venue. 

Advantages of hosting events outdoors 

If you want to transform your outdoor area at home into a whimsical place, you can turn even your own backyard into a magical space by decorating it with outside wedding aisles, white fairy lights, ribbons, candles, and flowers. 

One advantage of holding special gatherings outside is that you can tailor the event to suit your specific needs. You can easily make the necessary arrangements using the natural elements of your home or a rented area to achieve the style you want and create the perfect venue that will complement your special event and wow your guests. 

When the weather is perfect, it can be a great time to hold your events in an outdoor area. It’s a fabulous way to enjoy the weather and celebrate special occasions with close family members and friends. All you need to do is whip out a few outdoor rugs, tables and chairs, and some decor items for an open-area gathering, and voila! you’re all set.

Aside from that, holding weddings, birthdays, and other social events in an open area is also a great way to enjoy the natural scenery and to breathe in fresh air. 

Why invest in an outdoor rug 

Outdoor rugs, like those from Sisal Rugs Direct, can be a fantastic addition to your extended living space at home. These can enhance and make such outdoor area look more inviting and more elegant. No matter how small or big your outdoor area is, a pretty outdoor rug can make a world of difference to your home

Take a look at some of the other reasons to invest in outdoor rugs.

  • Protect existing flooring.

    If your outdoor area or the venue you are renting has concrete flooring, rubber tiles, hand-laid stones, or wooden flooring, it could take the beating of heavy foot traffic, especially if you’re expecting more than a hundred guests. 

    But if you place outdoor wedding rugs made of durable material in strategic places, you can protect the flooring and make it last longer. Plus, you can prevent stains from ruining the beautiful floor of the area. 

  • Provide warmth and comfort.

    This is especially true if you have nothing but a slab of unattractive cement to hold your event in. You can enhance the look and feel of a free area by putting a beautiful outdoor rug on top of the concrete floor. 

    On top of that, an al fresco rug can provide insulation from the cold ground of an outdoor space or garden. It would be perfect if your party calls for guests to sit on the ground. 

  • Make the venue look more pleasing.

    With our custom natural fiber area rugs, you can find an aesthetically pleasing style and design of outdoor rug that can make any open area look more attractive and more welcoming by matching the theme you are going for. 

  • Cover up damages and other unsightly blemishes.

    If your garden, deck, or lawn has spots that might ruin the entire look you are going for, an outdoor wedding rug can be used to cover them up. This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on repairs, which can be useful if you have little to no time to do so. 

How an outdoor can make a wedding venue better 

An outdoor rug designed and made with a material that’s for outdoor use can make a huge wedding statement. 

What makes such a beautiful rug so useful for special events, like weddings, is that they can create an elegant lounge area at the reception. 

Wedding rugs, on the other hand, are perfect for lining the aisle, which is great for when the ceremony or reception is held in an al fresco area

These floor coverings can also symbolize the newlyweds’ weaving lives together. The hand-woven style and pattern of the rug can exemplify the journey that the couple is about to take. It’s a reminder of them tying the knot – of vowing to live a life full of love and harmony. 

A wedding rug can also be used to create a formal or casual setting at a civil service, at the altar, or any casual area, depending on your theme. Thinking of going Boho or rustic for your big day? You need a colorful outdoor rug that will set the mood and act as a focal point of the venue, too. 

In short, wedding rugs can be a novel way to add your personal flair to any indoor or outdoor space. So better get those creative juices flowing to achieve the wedding style you’ve always had in your mind. 

Guide to buying the perfect outdoor rug for your wedding venue 

Setting up the wedding venue is one of the most crucial parts of preparing for such an important event. This is why couples take their time to decide on every detail – venue, décor, table setting, etc. 

One other important detail you should carefully consider when preparing for your wedding day should you decide to hold it in an outdoor area is the use of an outdoor rug.

As mentioned above, a rug can be used as outside wedding aisles or as focal points, especially those made with a material called polypropylene. They can withstand any weather condition because they are made with soft but strong synthetic fibers. 

Here’s a guide to buying the perfect outdoor rug

  • Choose one that can withstand heavy foot traffic.

    A fluffy rug is not for outdoor use. So, better forget about using one to create a Coachella-style wedding. 

    Remember, there will be several guests at the venue. This means that an outdoor wedding rug will need to stand up to heavy foot traffic. The perfect one will need to maintain its shape and appearance despite being stepped on multiple times. This means that it has to be made of good quality material, like polypropylene. 

  • Select patterns and colors that match your theme.

    The most fitting outdoor rug would be one that has colors and patterns that mesh well with the rest of your décor. 

    If you’re going for a rustic theme, for example, you can choose an outdoor rug with earth or neutral tones, like our Laguna Dune, Laguna Bronze, or Domingo Dune. 

  • Make sure it is weather-resistant.

    Aside from being able to stand up to being stepped on multiple times, a great wedding rug should be able to withstand any type of climate, especially if it will be held in an outdoor area. It should be able to resist moisture, as well as stains and mildew. 

  • Pick one with a strong grip.

    A rug’s grip is an essential factor that you need to look into. Top-quality outdoor carpets should be able to have a strong enough grip to keep dirt and dust away. 

    Woven outdoor rugs from Sisal Rugs are made with high-quality material that prevents debris on shoes from clinging, keeping the venue clean. This is why you should seriously consider using outdoor carpeting for special events. 

  • Decide on the perfect size.

    The size of the wedding carpet you will be using for your outdoor reception area should complement the space. But it’s important that it doesn’t overpower the design you are going for. 

    At Sisal Rugs Direct, you will find various shapes and sizes of outdoor rugs. They have rectangular, oval, round, square, and more. 

Why you should buy instead of rent

A rental rug may seem like a practical choice. But if you really think about it, you’ll be able to save more money if you buy one. 

  • It will cost you less in the long run.

    If you own an outdoor rug, you won’t need to keep renting one every time you need it. It’s a great investment, in other words. 

  • It will save you time.

    Renting outdoor rugs for special occasions held in an open area means you will need to take some time to reserve one, wait for it to be delivered to you, and then wait for the rental company to pick it up again after using it. 

  • It will save you from further expenses.

    If you damage a rental rug, you’ll have to pay for it. This can put a huge dent in your savings, since cleaning services can be expensive, and some stains are more stubborn than others. 

A quick summary… 

An outdoor rug is a perfect addition to any special event held in an al fresco area, garden, or any open space. It can add charm and character to any space. 

For the best quality indoor and outdoor rugs made of soft but durable material for all occasions, visit Sisal Rugs Direct for the best value for your money! 

If you are a designer, make sure you check out our Designer Program for awesome discounts!