Sisal: Tequila's Kissing Cousin

Sisal: Tequila's Kissing Cousin


Did you know Sisal and Tequila are so close they are basically kissing cousins??? See if you can tell them apart below.

sisal and tequila

Hint..... That's Sisal on the left!  Both are Agave plants respectively named Agave Sisalana and Agave Azul.  There are over 400 types of Agave plants.  Agave plants are monocarpic, meaning they bloom once and die, with some taking as long as 100 years to do so.  

Just like the Agave Azul, Sisal can be distilled to make a liquor similar to tequila.  During the start of this century there was an attempt by a local distiller in Izamal, Mexico to make a liquor out of the Agave Sisalana, named "Sisal".  However the business was sold and it is unknown if the production has continued.  

So next time you are knocking back margaritas or tequila shots have one in the honor of tequila's cousin Sisal.

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