Tips for Designing a Pet-Friendly Living Room

Tips for Designing a Pet-Friendly Living Room

Designing your dream home can be tricky when you own pets. No matter how cute and cuddly, your furry friends will leave a trail of pet hair everywhere they go.


But you don't have to choose between a cuddly companion and a tastefully decorated home. With the right furniture and decor, you can live comfortably and in style while making a pet-friendly living room that everyone will love.

Match decor to your pet’s fur color

Cats and dogs tend to leave hair wherever they go, but decor in a color similar to your pet prevents the hair from standing out and becoming an eye sore. With furniture and rugs that match your pet, you can camouflage dog and cat hair, making it less noticeable and reducing the need for frequent cleaning. 

But it's not all about disguising what your pet left behind! A rug that matches your dog or cat can create a cohesive and harmonious look in your space, complementing your pet's presence and blending seamlessly with their surroundings. 

Keep items in closed storage.

Pets are curious about their surroundings and love to snoop when left alone—and maybe even when your back is turned for just a second! Anything left on tables or exposed shelves is susceptible to your pet's inspection and possible destruction. Closed storage, like a bookcase with glass doors or a coffee table with storage cabinets, will protect your possessions while you're away.

Choose rugs over wall-to-wall carpeting

Carpeted floors absorb odors, collect hair and soak up stains, none of which works in your favor with pets running around. 

Opting for rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpeting is a smart choice for designing a pet-friendly living room. Rugs are easier to clean and maintain, allowing for spot cleaning or quick and easy replacement. They also offer greater design flexibility, which lets you incorporate your favorite colors, patterns, and textures while effectively hiding pet hair or stains. 

Rugs also provide a protective layer for floors, minimizing scratches and damage caused by pets' movements. This is especially true if you add a rug pad under each rug to minimize slipping. 

Pet friendly rugs for your living room

When looking for a pet-friendly rug, the number one thing to consider is how you will keep it clean. Natural fiber rugs are a good choice for homes with pets because they generally stand up well to pet hair.

Durability and resilience

These factors are essential for pet-friendly rugs. Pets, especially dogs and cats, can be active, playful, and occasionally prone to scratching or digging at whatever rug is in front of them. That's why it's extra important to pick a rug that can withstand their energy and potential rough treatment. 

Rugs made from materials like polypropylene and sisal tend to be more durable and less prone to damage. These materials are more resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that the rug can maintain its appearance and integrity over time, even with constant interaction with pets.

Stain and spill resistance

Another critical factor to consider when choosing a pet-friendly rug is how well you'll be able to deal with any uninvited liquids. Accidents happen, whether it's a pet's occasional mess or a spill during playtime. 

A rug resistant to stains and spills can make a significant difference in maintaining its cleanliness and appearance. Rugs with stain-resistant coatings or those made from materials like polypropylene or poly silk are good choices, as they are less likely to absorb liquids and can be easily cleaned up before stains set in.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

The most important feature of a pet-friendly rug is the ease of maintenance. Pets shed hair and dander, and their paws can track dirt and debris onto the rug's surface. Most rugs aren't machine washable, so you can't count on your washing machine to keep them clean. Even so, rugs are easy to maintain with vacuuming and spot cleaning. 

Top Recommendations for Pet-Friendly Rugs

There are plenty of rugs to choose from for creating your perfect pet-friendly living room.

Synthetic fiber rugs

Rugs made from synthetic materials like polypropylene and poly silk are popular among pet owners.

Polypropylene rugs are highly durable and resistant to stains, moisture, and fading. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for pet owners.

The Lima Polypropylene rug is an excellent choice for living rooms with multiple pets. The variety of colors will help disguise every shade of pet hair, and the durable polypropylene will stand up to even the most rambunctious play. 

Polysilk rugs are another pet-friendly option because they are stain resistant and highly durable. In contrast to polypropylene rugs, polysilk rugs are generally softer

The Isla Polysilk rug is ideal for living rooms with pets who have lighter fur. This synthetic fiber rug has the softness of wool and is mold and mildew resistant—a big plus for any pet owner! 

Natural fiber rugs

Sisal, jute, and seagrass rugs are also great for decorating a pet-friendly living room.

Sisal rugs are made from the fibers of the sisal plant and are known for their strength and durability. They are resistant to stains and easy to clean, making them a good option for pets.

The dark material of this Marley Sisal rug is a good option for living rooms home to darker-haired pets. The natural fibers of this rug will mask the texture of any hair left by your furry friends, maintaining a clean and natural look for longer. 

Jute rugs have a soft and natural texture, providing comfort underfoot. While they may not be as durable as some synthetic fibers, they can still withstand moderate pet activity. 

The chunky pattern of the Basketweave Jute rug brings a rustic look and feel to your living room. The natural jute fibers are also very durable, meaning it will look good for years to come, no matter how many times your dog or cat decides to scratch it. 

Seagrass rugs offer a natural textured appearance and are highly durable. They are resistant to stains and can handle pets' rough play.

Our seagrass rugs come in multiple weave patterns, all of which are very pet friendly. The rug pictured here is our Seashell pattern, which does an especially good job of blending in with cat and dog hair as well as standing up to pet claws. 

Blended fiber rugs

Rugs made from a wool/sisal blend combine natural and synthetic fibers to create a balance of softness, durability, and ease of maintenance. Blended fiber rugs offer the natural warmth and softness of wool while incorporating synthetic fibers for added durability and stain resistance. These rugs are generally more resistant to shedding and can withstand the rigor of pets while being easier to clean compared to pure wool rugs.


The Bali Sisal Blend rug is truly the best of both worlds—especially if your dog or cat has orange or white fur. This rug is not only durable and soft, it also brings a cheery brightness to any living room. 

The perfect living room for you and your pets

Designing your dream home can be tricky when you own pets, but not impossible. As you can see, you don't have to sacrifice comfort and style in order to make your living room a pet friendly space that also matches your own personal style. For even more design inspiration, take a look at our entire collection of custom rugs


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