Top 7 Interior Design Trends For 2015

Top 7 Interior Design Trends For 2015

Update your space with one or more of these new interior design trends.


If your home is starting to look a little bland to you, it may be time for a makeover. Update your space with one or more of these new interior design trends. Many of these trends have long-lasting appeal, which means you can enjoy them for years. 

1. Mixing metallics: Why choose just one metal when you can choose several? Mixing metallic accessories, such as gold, silver and bronze, can be a great way to create a striking appearance in your space. 

2. Natural themes and materials: Natural products are popular in the food and cosmetics industries, and now they're popular in the interior design industry as well. Consider a natural-fiber rug for your home and bring in fresh plants that will energize your room. 

3. Combining styles: Do you like both rustic and contemporary? Try adding a little bit of both in your home to create a unique look. A rustic dining room table goes surprisingly well with contemporary chairs. 

4. Geometric shapes: Go bold with geometric shapes that catch the eye. You can do this with furniture forms that feature a geometric shape, or fabrics that have bold patterns. 

5. Statement lighting: Make a statement with lighting that demands your attention. A striking chandelier or pendant can do wonders for a dull environment. 

6. Ethnic themes: Decorating with various ethnic themes can give your space an eclectic style. Mix and match with design elements from around the world to give your home color and an interesting look. 

7. Saturated blues: Marsala might be Pantone's Color of the Year, but deep blue has been the color popping up in homes this year. A saturated blue is rich and sophisticated, perfect for designing a more luxurious room.

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