The Versatile Agave Plant

The Versatile Agave Plant

The agave plant is one of nature's most versatile creations. In addition to sisal rugs, it's used to make tequila, sugar and even office supplies.


Agave is one of the most diverse plants on the planet. Native to the hot, arid parts of Mexico and the southwest United States, the agave plant is used in a variety of products you see everyday, from the more obvious agave nectar and tequila to its subtle uses in pens and breakfast cereals. At Sisal Rugs Direct, we wouldn’t be anywhere without agave.

Our sisal rugs come from the agave sisalana cactus plant. The extremely strong sisal fiber is obtained from the long, green leaves of the agave sisalana, with each leaf containing approximately 1,000 fibers. The fibers are then washed, sun-dried, brushed, graded and baled before being crafted into our beautiful sisal rugs.

In addition to rugs and other fiber products, the different species of agave are very popular in everyday items. The agave americana plant is used to make sweeteners like syrup and sugar. The agave tequilana produces tequila, and the agave attenuata is a common garden plant. Other species have been used for tea, diuretics, breakfast cereal, pens and other office supplies. The agave plant truly is one of nature’s most versatile creations.

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