Your Guide to Good Feng Shui: 3 Steps to Maximum Chi

Your Guide to Good Feng Shui: 3 Steps to Maximum Chi

What’s the key to good feng shui and maximum chi in your home? Follow these three steps.


You’ve probably heard of the term “feng shui” before. But odds are, it’s not what you think it is. 

Contrary to popular belief feng shui is very different from interior design. Feng shui is all about the flow of energy. It’s about the art of placement and arranging your space in a way that maximizes the chi or universal energy in your home. Good chi has been known to improve quality of life, health, and the overall well being for everyone in the home. 

Are you confident that your home has good feng shui? Below, read our five tips for good feng shui and maximum chi.

Step 1: Know the Elements

For great chi in your home, it’s important that you know all five elements of chi and make sure they are represented in your home’s rooms. 

  • Fire: This can either be taken literally with candles or a fireplace, or figuratively by incorporating a warm color palette into your design.

  • Earth: The easiest way to add the element of earth into your home is to include natural piece of furniture and decor like a natural fiber area rug or wicker furniture.

  • Metal: Many metal elements exist in your home naturally. For example, your appliances likely fit the bill. But if you need an extra touch of metal, look to light fixtures, lamps, or ceramics. 

  • Water: Similar to the element of fire, add water elements to your home by using cool color palettes or adding water features to your space.

  • Wood: If your home has hardwood floors, you’re already off to a great start. If you’re in the need for more wood elements, furniture pieces like coffee, end, or dining room tables are popular wooden items.

The more elements you can channel in your design, the more chi you will be channelling in your space.


Feng Shui: Know the elements

Step 2: Clear Your Feng Shui Portals

With such a close tie to nature, it’s important that your home’s portals to the outdoors (e.g., windows, doors, and staircases) have great energy flow. To promote the flow of energy, make sure these areas are well lit, unblocked, and decluttered. 

If these areas lack light or energy, try using mirrors to reflect light into the area or plants to breathe new life into the space and bring the outdoors inside. Have a couch in front of a floor-to-ceiling window? Good feng shui asks that you move the couch or angle it so that it doesn’t block the light.

Decluttering is also one of the most important steps for good feng shui that helps keep your portals clear. Too many pieces of furniture, papers, decorations, and more create unnecessary blockages in your space, limiting the amount of chi your body can consume and benefit from. So, put on your best Marie Kondo hat and tidy up your home by storing or donating the items you have in excess.

Feng Shui Portals

Step 3: Be Mindful of Shape, Color & Design

The color, shape, and design of furniture and decor in your home also channel and influence the amount of chi in your home. For example, warm color items promote the element of fire and cool color items promote the element of water. To make sure the shape, color, and design of your decor has maximum chi, custom decor items are a great idea. For example, our custom area rugs can be made to your exact specifications to ensure they channel plenty of chi in your home.

Hallway Rugs for Feng Shui

(Photo credit: Akseizer Design Group)

Close Your Eyes. How Does Your Home Feel?

When you close your eyes in your home, what do you feel? If you struggle to feel calm or restored, practicing feng shui can give you the energy you need. Promote the flow of energy in your home by incorporating all of the elements, bringing the outdoors in, and removing blockage in your home. You’ll know you’ve done good feng shui when you feel good energy flow through you.

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