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Custom Shaped Area Rugs

Custom L shape gray sisal area rug in hallway of home.

At Sisal Rugs Direct we understand that a rectangular rug just won't fit everyone's decorating needs. Therefore, we offer all our rugs in various geometric shapes. On our custom rug configurator, we offer hexagon rugs, oval rugs, round rugs, pentagon rugs, square and rectangle rugs.  We have made it easy to order any of these pre-selected shapes just as you would a rectangular rug. Below are all the pre-selected shapes available to create yourself online.  Watch the video for a quick tutorial on ordering one of these pre-selected shapes. 

                  Custom rug shapes available for easy online ordering               Youtube video showing how to create a custom shape area rug on our website.

If you do not see the shape that you need or have special considerations we would be happy to make a custom shaped rug exactly the way you want it. We have over twenty years' experience making custom sized and shaped area rugs and can accommodate almost any request. We can even make L-shaped rugs, fireplace hearth cut outs and clipped corners for you!  All we need is a diagram showing the various dimensions.

When creating your diagram please round all dimensions to the full inch and be sure to include the largest width and length of your rug.  Keep in mind that most of our rug colors have a maximum width of 13’ and length of 94’ so your custom rug will need to fit within these dimensions.  We do offer a few select rug colors up to 16’4” wide that can be viewed here should you need an extra large area rug.  

You can download and print one of our premade templates below or hand draw your own.  You can take a cellphone picture of your drawing or scan for an easy upload.  Once your custom shape rug template is ready, upload it below after filling out the specifications of your rug. 

Right Hand Clipped Corner Fireplace Cutout Left Hand Clipped Corner

Right Hand Clipped Corner

Fireplace Cutout

Left Hand Clipped Corner

Unsure how to draw your own diagrams?

Checkout the following examples for ideas Example Diagram #1, Example Diagram #2

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Custom shape seagrass rug with cut out for fireplace hearth. Room makeover and photography by Kelly Elko

Custom shape seagrass rug with fireplace hearth cutout.  Design and photography by Kelly Elko.

Living room with custom rug for fireplace hearth.  Seagrass used.  Design and photography by Kelly Elko.

 Custom shaped sisal rug used in hallway. Gray L shape rug

Custom shaped sisal wool rug with bookcase cut out.