3 Smart Strategies To Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

3 Smart Strategies To Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy


Compared to dogs, cats are pretty low-maintenance pets. They can spend hours on their own, don't require long walks outside and often are perfectly content being lazy with you on TV night. Still, there are things you can do to ensure your furry feline friend is content and happy indoors. Follow these three strategies to create a home both you and your cat will love. 

1. Set up a sisal scratching post

It is your cat's natural instinct to scratch. Cats scratch for various reasons – they do it to stretch, mark their territory and to remove dead layers from their claws. The problem with this scratching, however, is that it often leads to ruined furniture. Keep your cat happy and your furniture intact by setting up a sisal post for your pet to scratch. Cats like the rough texture of sisal and prefer sisal to wood or fabric. Create your own scratching post using our Sisal Remnants for Cats.

2. Provide a perch near windows

Cats love soaking in the sun and looking outside. Make it easy for your cat to enjoy the outdoors inside your home by setting up a place for your cat to perch by the window. When you're gone for the day, your cat will enjoy a lazy afternoon nap in the sunlight.

3. Grow grass indoors

Indoor cats love to eat grass, but the grass in your yard can often cause digestive problems. Growing "cat grass" indoors is a better and safer option, as it is chemical free. Offering cat grass also prevents your pet from nibbling on your house plants. 

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