How To Choose The Best Sisal Scratching Post For Your Space

How To Choose The Best Sisal Scratching Post For Your Space

Chances are, if you have a cat, they like to scratch things—perhaps even things you don't want them to scratch, like your furniture! When that moment comes, it’s time to invest in a sisal scratching post.


Cat scratching posts made from sisal remnants are preferred by most cats. But with so many designs available, how do you choose the best sisal scratching post for your space? Here is a quick guide to get you started.

Why Do Cats Scratch?

Cats scratch for several reasons. Sometimes it's to shed the dead outer layer of their claws and other times it is to mark their territory. Cats also love to scratch simply because they like to stretch out their bodies and have the chance to flex their paws. 

Why Have a Cat Scratching Post

No matter how cute and sweet your kitty is, they are going to scratch things. One of the reasons cats scratch things is to shed an outer layer of their claws. They also do it to mark their territory. Additionally, cats just love to stretch their bodies, including their paws!

For these reasons and more, it's a good idea to have a scratching post in your home. The last thing you want is for this scratching to be happening on your walls, rugs or furniture. A cat scratching post gives your furry friend a designated place to exercise their claws while keeping your home decor intact.

Providing a scratching post for your feline friend is easy. There are many ready-made posts available today, and you can choose from varying heights and designs. Once you have the scratching post in your home, encourage your cat to use it by sprinkling the post with catnip or hanging a toy from the top. It might take some time for your cat to adapt, but you can speed up the process by rewarding your cat each time he or she uses the post instead of your furniture to scratch. 

Different Types of Sisal Scratching Posts

Because sisal remnants are so pliable, there are actually several different styles of scratching posts you can choose from depending on your cat and what they like. Here are some ideas:

  • Traditional sisal scratching posts
  • Unattached sisal remnants
  • Sisal cat scratch boards
  • Door knob scratching pads
  • Sisal area rugs

Picking the Best Sisal Scratching Post

While there are a lot of options for your cat to scratch on, each type of post works for different reasons. Here’s some guidance on how to pick the best sisal scratching post for your fluffy friend:

Scratching post with a perch: If your cat loves to be lazy, this style could be the purrfect fit. While the sisal post is ideal for scratching, the carpeted perch allows your cat to curl up and take a nap. 

Scratching post with ramp: This style of scratching post comes with a sturdy ramp for cats who tend to scratch aggressively. If a simple scratching post just isn't enough for your furry friend, consider one with a ramp to keep your cat happy and scratching. 

Regular scratching post: If you have limited space, a regular sisal cat scratching post will work well for both your home and your cat. Consider various sizes to match your cat's scratching preferences.  For example, a 40” scratching post is perfect for cats who love to climb! 

Litter box mat: In the room where you keep your litter box, spread out a little box mat as well. Sisal mats are a great way to prevent your cat from tracking litter all over the floor.

Hanging scratching pad: If your cat loves scratching your beautiful wood doors, hang a sisal scratching pad around the door knob. These pads can be an alternative to scratching posts and help prevent cats from damaging doors and other wooden furniture. 

Scratch That Itch

Whether you need to add new sisal to an old scratching post, or you are building a tailor made scratching area for your cat, sisal remnants will do the trick. Order the supplies you need today! Your cat will thank you when you deliver them the best sisal scratching post!


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