4 Rugs Perfect for Any Nursery

4 Rugs Perfect for Any Nursery

You only want the best for your baby’s room, which is why we put together this list of the four best natural fiber rug materials that are perfect for any nursery.


Choosing things for your nursery is harder than choosing decor for any other part of the house, and for good reason: you only want the best for your child. You’re bringing a new person into the world and you want to give them nothing but safety, security, and comfort. 

But… how do you do that? What does “the best” mean when it comes to nursery rugs? 

We put a lot of thought into that question, and what the most pressing needs of new parents would be when it came to their nursery. We settled on this list of the three most essential characteristics needed for a quality nursery rug: 

  • Stain resistance, since you’re at a far higher risk of staining in a child’s room than you would be anywhere else in your home
  • Softness, because the floor is going to be used for playing, laying, sitting, rolling, crawling, and more as baby grows
  • Style, because you’ll be spending a lot of late nights in any nursery and you want that space to feel welcoming, comfortable, and true to your personal style

There are four main rug materials that easily have all three of these design characteristics. By choosing your next nursery rug from one of these, you’ll be well on your way to a fully realized space that’s ready for and supportive of your growing family.


Wool rugs are going to be at the top of any list when it comes to nursery rugs. That's because they're notoriously soft and hardy. They’re water-repellent, luxurious, and provide cloud-like levels of comfort. Plus, there's a reason people have wool rugs as family heirlooms - wool rugs can last. Because of this, they come at a higher price point than other rug fibers, natural or otherwise, on this list. That said: they're more than worth it if you have a flexible budget.

Outdoor Sisal (Polypropylene)

Polypropylene rugs are designed to look and feel like a natural fiber, but are made from synthetic material. If you’re wholly committed to only using natural fibers, this won’t be the choice for you. However, if you like the  look and feel of natural fibers and would appreciate the extra durability of synthetic material… polypropylene is perfect for you. These rugs are rated to be used both indoors or outdoors, so you can be confident that they’d stand up to anything your new baby could throw at them. That said, they do sacrifice some softness (compared to wool) for this added hardiness.


We won't lie to you: polysilk rugs are a lot like polypropylene rugs. When it comes to their ability to meet your style and comfort needs, they're both up to the task. Polysilk, however, is a slightly more recently developed fiber material and with that comes some unique characteristics. Polysilk is hand-loomed in a unique weave, that gives it a silky softness underfoot. This checks the comfort box for any nursery. It's also incredibly easy to handle and clean, checking the durability box.

Sisal Wool

Sisal is best known for it's natural durability and wool is best known for it's natural softness. Sisal wool rugs combine the two to create a fiber that gives you both and then some. This material is perfect for a child's room if you want something that can last without sacrificing any comfort in the process.

The best part about natural fiber rugs is that you get the comfort and durability you need without having to give up the style you want. If you want to browse some of our many other natural rug options yourself, you can start here with our Sisal rug catalog

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