4 Rug Hazards to Avoid

4 Rug Hazards to Avoid

Rugs are beautiful, but there can be danger in beauty. Here are four potential rug hazards and how to avoid them. 



Yes, rugs are beautiful. But there can be danger in beauty. If you have a rug, or you are planning to bring a rug into your home, it’s important to make sure that you are avoiding these four common hazards. With this advice in hand, you can enjoy the unexpected positive benefits of rug ownership, without taking any unnecessary risks. 

Tripping hazard

Tripping may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of potential rug hazards. After all, one of the defining features of rugs is their flatness. But the presumption of flatness is exactly what can make your rug a potential trip hazard. 

Over time, several catalysts can cause your rug to unflatten. Cleaning or other exposure to moisture can cause a rug to wrinkle. This can make the edges of the rug uneven or cause the edges to curl, which means your rug is no longer flush with the floor. When your rug isn’t laying flat, it’s easier for your toe to catch the edge of the rug and… splat! Your rug can no longer be trusted. 

The best way to avoid this hazard is by caring for your rugs. Make sure you are cleaning your rugs properly and keeping them away from high-humidity areas. If your rug has already become a tripping hazard, there are many ways to fix those curling corners

Slip hazard

Slipping may be the opposite of tripping, but it’s no less dangerous. No matter what material your rug is made from, if it is sitting on top of a smooth surface, there is a risk that it will slide around when you step on it. 

The best way to keep your rug from slipping is to put a rug pad under it. Rug pads provide a significant amount of grip, so your rug will stay in place wherever you decide to place it. Even if the risk of slipping isn’t that high, a rug pad will also keep your rug from shifting too far from where you want it. 

Another option to keep your rug in place, and therefore free of any slipping hazards, is to use double-sided tape or circles of masking tape. This method is much more direct, but it does not provide the other benefits of rug pads, such as protecting the floor under the rug and added cushioning. 

Mold and mildew hazard

Now that the risk of falling forwards and falling backward has been addressed, it’s time to talk about a rug hazard that can have a whole different kind of impact. If you have a natural fiber rug, mold and mildew can be a risk—and pretty nasty business. While it’s possible to clean mold and mildew from a natural fiber rug, it’s not easy and not always effective. You are much better off preventing mold and mildew from appearing in the first place. 

The first approach for heading off mold and mildew is to make sure you are only putting your natural fiber rugs in the right environments. A cool, dry room with plenty of sunlight is the best place for a natural fiber rug. If you are very excited about having a natural fiber rug in a room that is prone to humidity, make sure to have a dehumidifier handy. And don’t worry about trying to keep the room cold, it just has to stay below 80 degrees. 

The other approach is to get a synthetic fiber rug. The fibers in these rugs are mold and mildew-resistant, which makes them good for outdoor spaces as well as the hottest and most humid rooms in your house. 

Fire hazard

The good news is that rugs are not any more of a fire hazard than anything else in your home. In fact, it is even safe to keep natural fiber rugs in front of the fireplace. Sisal rugs, wool rugs, and seagrass rugs are all naturally fire resistant. 

However, being fire resistant does not mean they are fireproof. To avoid making your rug a fire hazard, follow the same common sense tips you would follow for anything else: it’s not a good idea to directly expose your rugs to live electrical wire, be careful when burning candles, and store your excess fire elsewhere. 

Put these tips to use today

Now that you know how to stay safe with a rug in your home, it’s time to pick the best rug for you. You can start by browsing our wide variety of custom rugs today. 


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