Rug Pad Benefits: 3 Reasons You Need to Own a Rug Pad

Rug Pad Benefits: 3 Reasons You Need to Own a Rug Pad

Every rug needs a rug pad. Don’t believe us? Here are three unforgettable benefits to owning a rug pad.


When shopping for rugs online, you’ve probably come across the option to buy a rug pad to go with your purchase. If you don't know what a rug pad is, you might brush it off as unnecessary—something that rug companies suggest to make more money.

However, that is far from the truth.

Rug pads offer many benefits that make them well worth buying. In fact, once you buy one rug pad, we believe you’ll never purchase a rug without one again. Here are three life-changing reasons why you should consider buying a pad to go with your next area rug.

1. Rug Pads Boost Safety

When rugs are placed on slick tile or hardwood floors like hardwood or tile, they tend to move. This means you, or someone else in your home, could potentially fall and get hurt. Imagine the type of injury this could cause with area rugs at the top or foot of a set of stairs—one slip of the rug could result in a potentially fatal accident.

dog on hardwood stairs

Rug pads prevent slipping. They’re designed to stick to the floor and the rug, keeping the rug stationary and your family safe. While there are some area rugs in your home where slippage isn’t as much of a concern—area rugs in low-traffic areas come to mind—rugs in high-traffic areas are accident-prone and should always have a rug pad.

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2. Rug Pads Protect Your Floor AND Rug

When you step on any carpeted flooring, the fibers are compressed between your feet and the floor, diminishing the integrity of the area rug. Fortunately for rug pad owners, the pad serves as a barrier between the carpet and your hardwood or tile floor. This barrier also lessens the amount of pressure on the carpet fibers and reduces wear and tear, prolonging the life of the rug. This key benefit of rug pads offers protection for both your rug and your flooring, keeping them both in great condition for a longer amount of time.

Seagrass area rug in Seashell

Pictured above: Seagrass area rug in Seashell with a pale ash, narrow cotton border.

Some rugs are very durable and stylish, but not very comfortable. You’ll be walking, standing, and maybe even laying on your area rug, so you need a comfortable rug option for your home. However, some of the comfy rug options don’t look great in your home.

But thanks to rug pads, you can have the best of both worlds.

puppy paws on a rug

Rug pads add extra comfort for the perfect rug. As an extra layer of cushioning, they feel great underneath your feet. Added padding underfoot also helps relieve your back when standing on a rug for longer periods of time. The added comfort doesn’t stop there, either. Rug pads also help absorb noise, creating a more peaceful and relaxing home that is easy on the ears.

Make Your Rug Safer with a Rug Pad

Rug pads offer many benefits, including added safety, protection, and comfort. If you want to extend the life of your rugs, avoid potential accidents, and enjoy more comfort around your home, purchasing a rug pad is a must. Rug pads are even available for outdoor area rugs to ensure the outside of your home is just as safe and comfortable as the inside.

To get a high quality rug pad for your indoor and outdoor rugs, shop our selection of rug pads today. We will even cut them to your exact specifications, ensuring the pad doesn’t peek out from under your beautiful area rug.

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