4 Spanish Revival Decorating Ideas for Old World Charm

4 Spanish Revival Decorating Ideas for Old World Charm

Spanish Revival is a long-standing home decor trend with a few key characteristics. Learn about these, and more, in the latest post from Sisal Rugs Direct.


The term “Spanish Revival” when it comes to home decor came out of California in the late teens and early 1920's. This Spanish Colonial style was to describe a trend that featured Spanish exterior features like stucco walls, terracotta roofs, wrought iron, and wooden carvings. Indoor features include visible beams, arches, alcoves, painted tile, Spanish style area rugs, and more. 

Long story, short: Spanish Revival homes have a distinct look and feel, with classic arched doorways and bright pops of color amongst desert tones. Putting your own spin on it can be difficult because this design style contains so many distinctive characteristics. 

We put together some of our favorite Spanish Revival decorating ideas below to guide and inspire you.

#1 - Strong Iron Accessories

Wrought iron is common in Spanish style homes. In fact, we would argue that it is one of the staples of the style. 

vintage half round cast iron trellis

If you find any great iron pieces while shopping for traditional Spanish decor, they’ll make a great fit in your home. Common things to look for in this style include sconces, grates, chandeliers, or trellises. We’ve even seen exceptional wrought iron bed frames that define the entire room they’re in! Whatever the tone, shape, or pattern, iron decor items will always fit within a Spanish Revival style home.

#2 - Unique, Artful Ceramics

Google “Spanish Revival decor” and you’ll see tons of artful ceramic tiles. 

vintage turkish patchwork tile

If you don’t want to feature tile everywhere in your home, though, you don’t have to. Purchase some Mexican or Moorish tile flooring and frame it to create a beautiful art piece. You could even use patterns found on common Spanish tile in other areas of your home like linens or art prints. You can cover the top of a side table with them or find a vase with a similar design and use it as a centerpiece in your living room. There are plenty of options! 

Terra cotta is a very popular ceramic used in Spanish Revival interior design, too. There are a wide variety of pots, planters, and other decor available in its distinctive orangey-brown hue.

#3 - Rich Exposed Beams

One common feature of Spanish Revival design is the presence of exposed natural or dark wood beams in rich tones. 

luxury fitted kitchen with a beamed ceiling

If you’re decorating your own existing home, there’s a large chance that it doesn’t already have this feature. So what do you do? You can tap into the trend by featuring all-wood decor items to add the same warmth and rustic feeling without needing installation help. 

Otherwise, there are plenty of DIY exposed beam creation and installation guides out there. Look through a few to find one that fits best with your space, goals, and do-it-yourself experience.

#4 - Natural Fiber Area Rugs

Between tile, terra cotta, iron, and exposed beams, there are a lot of hard elements to a Spanish Revival home. Natural fiber area rugs are a great way to add softness, yet keep the rustic charm of a Spanish Revival home. 

natural fiber area rugs

When it comes to color choices, a lot of Spanish Revival palettes rely on a wide variety of neutrals of varying warm and cold tones. If you’re interested in a bolder color choice for your Spanish Revival natural fiber area rug, you can go for shades like deep orange-reds and gray-greens.

Add Some Old World Charm to Your Home

Want to make some of your own Spanish inspired decor? Check out these must-see DIY tutorials for home decor

If you’re interested in diving even deeper into this interesting and dynamic design style, you’re in luck. Keep an eye on the Sisal Rugs Direct blog. We'll be posting an interview with the well-loved Claire Brody Designs about her journey through restoring a Spanish Revival home in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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