If you've just purchased a new jute rug, it's important to know the proper way to maintain it and keep it clean. Cleaning a jute rug – or any natural-fiber rug for that matter – isn't difficult, but it is different from cleaning a synthetic-fiber alternative. Although jute rugs are very durable, they're not well-suited for high-moisture areas. This makes washing a natural-fiber rug and drenching it with water a bad idea. Instead, follow these five tips for cleaning your jute rug so you can enjoy its long-lasting natural beauty in your home. 

1. Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming often will prevent loose dirt from eventually staining your rug. If vacuuming a bound jute rug, be careful not to damage the binding. Don't set the vacuum on top of the binding and always be sure to have the beater bar turned off when vacuuming near the binding.    

2. Use dry cleaning methods

Like I stated earlier, jute rugs should not be drenched in water. Instead of using steam cleaners or wet shampoos, clean your jute rug with dry cleaning products instead. 

3. Blot stains away

Immediately after a spill, get a white clean cloth to blot away the stain; make sure you're not rubbing the stain into the carpet. You can also dampen the cloth with club soda, if necessary. 

4. Choose cleaning products carefully

Many cleaners are not suitable for natural-fiber rugs and will actually ruin the appearance of your rug. If you need a rug cleaner, search for products made for natural-fiber rugs, such as Sisal Life Cleaner

5. Protect your jute rug

If you wish to reduce the chance for stains, protect your jute rug with the Sisal Life Protector. It can help decrease absorbency so your rug will better repel water and other liquids.