5 Interior Design Trends for 2018 That You Won’t Want to Miss

5 Interior Design Trends for 2018 That You Won’t Want to Miss

From bold color choice to mixed metals, we have you covered with the latest trends that you don’t want to miss. Create a bold and memorable space in your home with these five interior design trends for 2018.


Back in October, we identified seven 2018 interior design trends that would make their mark on the new year, such as iridescent accents, geometric patterns, and others. And they certainly are. But with the new year firmly underway, there are more interior design trends that are emerging.

If you’re in the process of planning your next renovation or design project, here are five more 2018 interior design trends that you don’t want to miss. With a focus on creating a bold, memorable space, the trends down below will help you craft an eye-catching design in any of your home’s rooms.

1. Bold Colors

With ultra violet as the 2018 color of the year, it makes sense that other bold colors are making an entrance this year. Perfect for accent walls, throw blankets, and distinct pieces of furniture, bold colors create a signature pop of color in any room. For example, use a bold color for the towels to upgrade your guest bathroom decor, or use a bold color for the ottoman in your living room to make a statement.

The key to using bold colors in your interior design is to use it sparingly. Too much of one color — especially one that’s not a neutral — can overpower the room and be displeasing to the eye. Instead, place one or two bold color items throughout the room to make it noticeable, but not overwhelming. 

Living Room With Bold Colors

2. Ceilings As the 5th Wall

Too often, people forget to look up. The same is true in interior design. Beyond light fixtures, many homeowners and interior designers overlook the fact that your ceiling has a lot of real estate. This year, it’s time to use it or lose it! Install creative ceiling tiles, funky light fixtures, a fresh coat of color, or add reclaimed wood beams to really make your ceiling a work of art. Now that your ceiling isn’t just a white slab of wall, your home’s guests won’t be able to stop looking up and admiring your work.

Metallic Ceiling Tiles and Light Fixtures

3. Materials with a Purpose

Another big trend in interior design for 2018 is using materials that have a purpose and leave an impact on society or the world in some way. This can mean using recycled materials, sustainable fabrics, greenery, or furniture produced with renewable energy.

To incorporate these materials in your home, look for sustainable area rugs or plants that you can place throughout the space. Alternatively, try looking for decorations or furniture that were either made sustainably or make frequent contributions to the community in the form of funding or donations.

Bedroom With a Sustainable Milano Sisal Rug

Want to get the look pictured above? Start creating your own custom Milano Sisal area rug.

4. Colorful Doors

As established previously, 2018 is a year of bold, in-your-face color. Because of this, more and more interior designers are making a colorful first impression on house guests by using doors as their canvas. This works especially well if your home’s exterior or interior walls have a neutral color. With a colorful door on a neutral backdrop, you can create a striking contrast that makes your use of color really stand out. And considering the first design trend on this list, the bolder the better.

Bright Pink Front Door and Window Shutters

5. Mixed Metal

While playing with colors can create a beautiful contrast, so can playing with texture, materials, and other design elements. One way interior designers are playing with contrast in 2018 is by combining metals like brushed copper and stainless steel or silver and gold.

If you want to create a similar mix, just remember that metals don’t have to be shiny — simply search for metals with a matte finish to avoid an overpowering shine. Whether you choose to include metals in your light fixtures, mirrors, lamps, furniture, and other decorations, there are countless opportunities to mix and match complementary metals and textures.

Bathroom With Mixed Metal Fixtures

How Else Can You Create a 2018-Worthy Space?

As highlighted above, 2018 is going to be a year of bold and stand-out designs. Stay on top of all the 2018 interior design trends with our additional resource below:

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