5 Stunning Interior Design Trends for Summer 2020

5 Stunning Interior Design Trends for Summer 2020

Learn more about the new interior design trends emerging for the summer of 2020 with a little help from the home experts at Sisal Rugs Direct.


2020 has been a strange year. Full of the unexpected, life-changing, and hard-to-deal-with, this year has been a constant exercise in finding peace wherever and in whatever small way you can. With more time at home than they’re used to, many people have pivoted their attention to upgrading their personal space. If they’re going to be home so much, might as well feel comfortable, right? Right.

These shifts have led to some new interior design trends emerging for the summer of 2020, and we’ve taken the time to list our favorites below.

Summer Trend #1: Using antimicrobial accessories and materials.

People are more wary of germs and bacteria than ever before. It's for a good reason, of course, but it begs the question: is there a way to make my home less inviting to germs? The answer is yes. 

One way is by accessorizing your home using materials that are antimicrobial. Copper, brass, and bronze are all naturally antimicrobial, meaning that unwanted microorganisms can't live on their surfaces. This makes copper, bronze, and brass accessories and fixtures a growing trend in 2020.

brass lights

Summer Trend #2: Adding thoughtful new colors. 

There's a lot of research available on the topic of color psychology. Put simply: being surrounded by certain colors can make you feel certain ways. With many people looking for comfort and calm this year, there's an increase in decor that reflects comforting, calming colors. Most commonly, shades of blue, white, and yellow elicit these emotional responses. Blue, in particular shades like cornflower and sky, helps us relax more so than bright, harsh reds and blacks. In fact, classic blue was selected as 2020’s Color of the Year.

Commercial Hudson Nylon Rug in Deep Sea Blue.

Want the rug above for your own home? Shop our Commercial Hudson Nylon Rug in Deep Sea Blue.


Summer Trend #3: Introducing natural fibers and linens.

Wellness starts with nature. With wellness being such a focal point throughout 2020, it’s no surprise that the popularity of natural fibers is expanding exponentially. Blankets made from linen, rugs made from fibers like sisal and seagrass, or furniture upholstered with natural cotton coverings. Going natural is popular now and looks like it will only become more trendy as the year goes on.

natural Hemp Grass area rugs.

The rugs above are our selection of custom, natural Hemp Grass area rugs.


Summer Trend #4: Elevating the home office.

Home offices aren't just a nice addition to a home anymore - they're a necessity for many. National trends have shown that while the surge in work from home started as a necessity, many companies are finding that their employees are flourishing in the WFH environment. There is going to be a lot more opportunity to have the flexibility that working from home brings, and with it comes the upward trend in stylish home office options. New varieties of desks, chairs, and accessories are being released nonstop. A home office doesn’t have to be its own entire room, either. There are a lot of creative home office solutions that can address budgets, needs, and style.

natural Hemp Grass area rugs

Pictured above: a custom shaped area rug to give the perfect floor covering for the home office. 

Summer Trend #5: Purifying the air throughout your home.

It might seem strange to list “air purification” as a trend, but it is. 2020 has brought with it a lot of changes and one of them is an increased focus on our health and wellbeing. The spaces we share, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. People are looking for air purifiers that are both stylish and effective to add security and comfort to their personal space. Luckily, there are a lot of options out there that fit those parameters. The BISSELL air320 Smart Air Purifier and the Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier are a few great examples to start with.

Stay Inspired & Stay Healthy

This year, our health and wellbeing has taken center stage. And our 2020 summer interior design trends reflect that change in focus. For more ideas and inspiration, view the rest of our interior design trends for 2020 and keep an eye out for a future post about the trends that emerge later in the year. We’ll keep you updated.

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