7 Must-Have Carpet and Rug Cleaning Products

7 Must-Have Carpet and Rug Cleaning Products

Keep your rugs looking and feeling their very best with these seven must-have carpet and rug cleaning products, courtesy of the experts at Sisal Rugs.


Messes happen. Even the tidiest individual can accidentally knock a glass of wine or cup of coffee over. It's not a huge deal when those spills happen on a table or counter. You can easily wipe them up. But when those spills end up on the floor—carpeted or covered floors, especially—the story changes. 

So, how do you clean your carpets and rugs without harming them? Do the required materials change whether you’re cleaning rugs made from natural fibers or synthetic materials? How can you keep stains from setting and becoming permanent fixtures on your floor coverings? The answer: By using the right techniques, the right tools, and most importantly—the right products. 

Having the right things on hand before problems happen will help you address them quickly when they do. We’ve listed the seven most important, must-have carpet and rug cleaning products below. 

Must-Have Carpet and Rug Cleaning Products

#1. Carbonated Water

Carbonated water is miraculous. It's cheap, you most likely already have some, and it is a pro at removing stains. For cleaning purposes, you'll want one without any additional flavoring added. Sparkling water, club soda, and seltzer water are all included under the "carbonated water" umbrella. It removes stains by letting the fizz from the carbonation loosen and lift stains. This makes them far easier to remove completely.

#2. Clean Cloths and Towels

Clean white paper towels and cloths are the cornerstones of any carpet or rug cleaning endeavor. They’ll be what you use to absorb spills, dab on cleaning solution, and so on. Always use freshly cleaned towels so you don’t make an existing spill or spot worse by adding foreign debris into it. Paper towels work just fine, but if you’re eco-minded, cloth ones are far less wasteful.

Sisal Life Protector

#3. Life Protector Spray

This is a product you're only going to find from Sisal Rugs Direct. Sisal Life Protector is a spray that, when applied on rugs or carpets, helps to repel water, resist spills, and reduce spoiling. 

It's made from partially fluorinated acrylic polymer that is designed to optimize and maximize it's repellency to both oil and water. That, in turn, allows it to better protect your favorite natural rugs long term.

#4. Soft Bristle Brushes

Soft bristle brushes are the friend of any natural rug. That’s because they can get within their interwoven fibers without damaging them in the process. They’re a must-have because they’ll make all your carpet cleaning efforts easier. Using a soft bristle brush to gently massage cleaner into carpets or rugs increases their ability to absorb into the material. This, in turn, helps you save money by using less cleaning solution more effectively.

#5. Vinegar

Vinegar is a great thing to use if you don’t have anything else on hand. It's an ideal backup carpet cleaner. It won’t work as well as spot cleaner, but it’s good to know about in a pinch. Combined in a solution that is half water and half vinegar, it can be used as a spray on to lift up stains. To clean your rug with vinegar, remove any excess spill, spray with your vinegar-water solution, let sit five to 10 minutes, then soak it up with a fresh towel. Voila.

Sisal Life Cleaner#6. Spot Cleaner

Spot cleaner is what keeps small spills from ruining big rugs. Your home will never look clean if the rugs within it aren't clean. Spot cleaner is the answer to quick, easy, and accessible cleaning solutions. 

Sisal Life Cleaner, for example, is a spot cleaner that is specially formulated to work on natural fibers. It won't damage the integrity or binding of your natural fiber rugs like harsh chemical spot cleaners can.

#7. Dry Cleaning Kits

Dry cleaning kits are great for natural fiber rugs since many of them are sensitive to moisture. They're high impact and low effort, making them ideal for busy homeowners. These types of kits typically include cleaning powder and a soft brush. You sprinkle the powder on your rug, brush it in, let it sit, and then vacuum everything up. That’s it! Your rug will be fresh and vibrant in just over 30 minutes. 

Keep Your Carpets and Rugs Looking and Feeling Fresh

When you spend money on a beautiful rug, you want it to make sure it stays beautiful.These products will work just as well on natural rugs as they will on synthetic ones, too, so you don’t have to worry. For a step-by-step guide on how to clean your area rugs, visit one of our many rug care and cleaning guides

To get a closer look at the wide variety of rugs we have for sale at Sisal Rugs Direct, give our online catalog a look.

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