Bring a Rug Outdoors With These Stylish Ideas

Bring a Rug Outdoors With These Stylish Ideas

Rugs are an unexpected and easy way to liven up any outdoor space. Learn more about what materials work best and how to style your outdoor spaces. 


Once you have a rug in every room of your house, the next step is to add a rug to your outdoor space. But you may be wondering: are outdoor rugs a good idea? 

And the answer, of course, is yes! Outdoor rugs are a good idea for livening up your outdoor spaces. An outdoor rug can help keep bare feet cool when walking on a hot brick patio, add color and cushion to a gray concrete slab, and keep dirt and mud where they belong: outside. 

What type of rugs work best outside?

While some natural fiber rugs can be suitable for outdoor use, the list of caveats and conditions can make them a less appealing option. For decorating outdoor spaces, we generally recommend sticking to rugs made with artificial fibers, like polysilk rugs and polypropylene rugs. These rugs are easier to clean, can stand up to lots of moisture, and aren’t damaged by direct sunlight. 

Polysilk rugs replicate the look and feel of wool while being much sturdier. 

Polypropylene rugs are made to resemble sisal rugs. 

Outdoor rug style ideas: big colors, big patterns

One of the most common pieces of advice for decorating with rugs indoors is to avoid busy patterns and bold colors because they tend to make smaller spaces feel crowded. That’s not the case when you put a rug outdoors! Decorating with an outdoor rug is your chance to go as big as your heart desires. 

A good place to start with bright colors is with our Cedar Bay Polypropylene rug. This rug features many bright options including aqua and coral. 


Cedar Bay Outdoor in Coral


Cedar Bay Outdoor in Aqua 

For big patterns, the Andes rug in Beach brings a lot of busy texture to any outdoor space. 


Andes Indoor / Outdoor in Beach 

Where to place your outdoor rugs

If you have never thought about placing a rug outdoors before, the options may be pretty overwhelming. After all, the outdoors consists of everything not inside your house—that’s a lot of space! 

Consider starting with a rug for one—or all!—of these three outdoor spaces. 

Outside your front door

Instead of putting down a standard "Welcome" mat, try inviting guests inside with a more sophisticated and stylish approach. A small outdoor rug in a fun color or an elegant neutral tone can give your home a welcoming appearance. And because outdoor rugs are durable and easily washable, an outdoor rug outside your front door will help prevent dirt from getting tracked into your home. But as any good host knows, it’s important to make a good impression, so make sure the rug lays flat so your guests don’t trip into your home

On your deck or patio

Whether you have a deck or a patio, adding a rug to your backyard entertaining space can showcase as much style as adding one to your living room. The advice for how to size your deck or patio rug is basically the same as for your living room: set your furniture on the rug, use the rug to anchor the space, and don’t get a rug that goes right to the edge of your deck or patio. Using these simple tricks, your outdoor space will look as good as—or better than—your indoor space! 

In your garage

Garages are typically some of the least hospitable areas of any home. But if you've turned your garage into a game room or a work area, you can make it much more welcoming and comfortable by adding an outdoor rug! A polypropylene rug, which mimics the warmth and softness of wool, will bring some much needed comfort to the cold concrete of your garage floor. 

When deciding on color and style, this is the one outdoor area that should follow indoor rug rules. If you are using your garage as an entertaining space, use the rules that guide picking a living room rug to help you decide how to proceed. 


Rugs are a great way to add warmth, style and comfort to your outdoor space. While not all rugs can stand up to outdoor elements, polypropylene and polysilk rugs can handle moisture, sun and other elements without fading or becoming moldy. Get an outdoor rug for your front step, patio, deck, or garage today. 

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