How to Pick a Rug: Find the Right Fit for Every Room

How to Pick a Rug: Find the Right Fit for Every Room

Each room in your house has a different set of needs. From hallways to kitchens to bedrooms, this guide will help you find the right rug for every space.


When you’re cooking, there are specific pots and pans you use depending on the dish. In that same vein, the rugs you use around your house should be suited to the room they are in. 

While all-natural fiber rugs are versatile, some perform better in different rooms than others. Here are some tips on how to pick the best rug for every space in your home.

Choosing Your Rug Material, Size, and Style

With various different materials, sizes, and styles available, choosing the right rug for a room can feel a little overwhelming at first. Use this quick guide to narrow down your options and find a rug that suits your style as well as your space.

Choosing material

The material you select will largely depend on where you want to place the rug. If it’s an area where people walk frequently, many natural fiber rugs are durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. An outdoor space or an indoor room with higher moisture levels, such as the bathroom, will require synthetic fiber such as polypropylene. If you need a rug that is cozy and plush, consider a sisal wool rug.

Determining size

Are you searching for a large area rug? A hallway runner? Or a smaller entryway rug? Before even looking at sizes, first decide how you plan to use the rug. Then, you can start measuring and looking at sizes with these tips.

  • In the dining room, choose a rug that is large enough so you can pull out chairs without scratching the floor.
  • If your living room sofa and chairs float, anchor your furniture with a rug large underneath each piece.
  • Go with your gut. There are many different opinions stating how much floor space you should leave uncovered. What is actually correct, however, depends on your own personal preference and what feels right.

Selecting style

Are you searching for a rug that is subtle and sophisticated? Bold and colorful? There are many different styles of rugs to choose from. Narrow down your options by considering the style of your space so you can find a rug design to match. 

Dining Room

A space used for nightly meals as well as hosting friends and family, the dining room needs a rug that is both stylish and practical. You want a wow factor, but also a fabric that can stand up to food and drink spills. For these reasons, a stain-resistant sisal rug is the best way to go. Made with built-in stain repellent and in a variety of patterns, you’re sure to find a match. Plus, a flat-woven rug will make it easier to pull dining room chairs in and out.

Create A Como Stain Resistant Sisal Rug - 7101 1 1.jpg

Our Como Stain Resistant Sisal Rug in Beige.


Whether you're binging Netflix or settling in for a good night's rest, the bedroom is all about being comfy. A wool rug matches that vibe. Soft underfoot, these natural fiber rugs bring coziness to any room, especially when in a warm or neutral color. 


Check out the Tides Wool Rug in Coral.


It’s no coincidence that even during a party, everyone always ends up in the kitchen. The heart of any home, chances are you spend a lot of time standing, prepping, cooking, and washing in this space. For this reason, the kitchen needs a rug that can deal with lots of use.

Seagrass Area Rug Collection in Seabasket with Narrow Cotton border in Pale Ash

Take a look at our Seagrass Area Rug in Sea Basket. 

Polypropylene rugs are a great place to start because they are extremely durable and guard well against spills. A seagrass area rug is also something to consider. Naturally stain-resistant, it has a beautiful texture that wards off permanent marks. 


Not only is your entryway the place where guests get a first impression of your home, but it’s also a high-traffic area. It needs an area rug that can stand up to the elements while still making a statement. Stain-resistant sisal and seagrass are great options for a natural fiber rug in this space. Both add unique design elements while standing up to heavy usage.


Let’s face it, as one of the main highways of the home, stairways can get loud. The last thing you need is to be constantly distracted by the groans and plops of people going up and down. That’s why a wool sisal rug is your best bet. Both comfortable and noise resistant, it adds enough grip to your staircase to keep people moving—quietly!


Our Lana Looped Wool Sisal Rug in stone on the staircase.


Another part of the home that sees a lot of action is your hallways. Again, a runner or area rug in these spaces can help reduce noise while also enhancing your home’s design aesthetic. Look into a jute rug for this purpose. Thick enough to stand up to high use while soft to the bare foot, you won’t regret decking the halls with them.

One more thing to keep in mind: hallways can come in all shapes and sizes. To make sure you get the perfect natural fiber runner, find one that is customizable to your hall's measurements.

Create A Mahal Jute Rug - Img 8171.jpg

Our Mahal Jute Rug in Arctic Gold.


Chances are you’re working from home more now than ever. The rug that you pick for this space should have a style that inspires you to stay focused, while also making your home office feel comfortable. Wool rugs, sisal rugs, jute rugs, and seagrass rugs all work well in an office space. Depending on what you are looking for, you can really make it your own. 


When it comes to outdoor rugs, it's all about weather resistance. You need an area rug that can stand up to whatever comes at it, rain or shine. In this instance, outdoor sisal polypropylene rugs can handle the great outdoors while still looking good. These rugs come in a variety of patterns and colors to jazz up your outside spaces. 

Create An All Weather Indoor/Outdoor Rug - Cypnat.jpg

Take a look at our All-Weather Indoor/Outdoor Rug in Costa Rica Sisal. 

Take your pick

So many rooms, so many area rugs! You are now armed with the info to find the perfect rug or runner for every space in your home. No matter which room you’re decorating, we’ve got a full selection of natural fiber rugs to choose from. Start looking through our entire collection today to find the perfect match.

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