Durability of Sisal

Durability of Sisal


Sisal is a natural fiber that comes from the Agave sisalana plant and is known for its tough and durable qualities.  The agave sisalana plant is so durable that no drought has killed the Tanzanian sisal plants in over a century of commercial production.  The sisal natural fiber is stronger than other types of common natural fibers used to make area rugs such as hemp grass, coir and jute. In fact it is used to make marine rope for large ships.

Sisal rugs are recommended for high-traffic areas and commercial use because of the inherent durability, which makes them ideal for use inside the home!  Our area rugs are especially durable because of the high quality latex backing that is applied to the backside of each rug.  This helps keep the integrity of the sisal rugs weave and prolongs the life of the rug.  One thing to remember when choosing a sisal rug is that they should not be used in areas where the rug will be exposed to direct moisture.  Moisture can cause the sisal to become wavy and water stained.  For small liquid spills, use our Sisal Life Protecotrant.  This product helps repel water, resist liquid spills and retard soiling. Sisal Life is recommended for all natural fiber rugs.  This can be applied at time of purchase by us or is available in a 22oz bottle. 

Please use our guides to help build the perfect custom sisal hallway runner, stair runner or bedroom rug while resting assured that the natural sisal fibers used are of the highest quality and will last a long time.  To view our complete collection of sisal area rugs please click here!

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