Elevate Your Home’s Decoration by Placing a Runner

Elevate Your Home’s Decoration by Placing a Runner


You might not have heard the term "runner rugs" before, but more than likely, you've seen them online or in retail stores. Runner rugs are just like regular rugs, except they are much longer than they are wide. Thanks to their unique design, runner rugs are perfect for many areas in the home. Here are just six. 

Where to Use Runners at Home

1. Next To The Bed

Treat your feet each morning with a soft runner rug placed next to the bed. Runner rugs are great for bedrooms because they can provide comfort without covering your entire floor.  

2. The Entryway

When guests walk through the front door, help them feel welcome with a warm and inviting home. Like hallways, the entryway is an ideal place to put a runner rug, especially if your entryway is narrow. 

3. A Hallway

If your home has a long, monotonous hallway, you can create interest with a beautiful runner rug. Runner rugs are most commonly used in hallways, as their shape matches them perfectly. 

4. On Stairs

Runners are the perfect solution for covering stair cases.  We can make runners any width and length to fit your stairs perfectly.  Stair runners help reduce noise and preserve stairs. 

5. A Narrow Room

Any room that is narrow and does not have much floor space can benefit from a runner rug. Use one to decorate a narrow kitchen, dining room, bedroom – even the bathroom would work.

6. A Studio Apartment or Open Floor Plan

If there are rooms in your home that aren't separated by walls, use a runner rug to define areas and separate spaces. 

Think your home could benefit from a narrower rug? Start browsing our collection of natural-fiber runner rugs today.  You can find a quick guide on how to order a custom runner HERE.

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