How to Add a Jute Rug to Your Entryway

How to Add a Jute Rug to Your Entryway

Ready to add a jute rug to your entryway? Our guide has the practical tips you need to do it right.


Jute rugs have become a popular choice for entryways, and for good reason! They're stylish, durable, and eco-friendly. But before you rush out and buy the first jute rug you see, there are a few things to consider. Here is a guide for how to add a jute rug to your entryway. 

How to add a jute rug to your entryway

Pick the right size 

Your entryway is the first thing you and your guests see when arriving at your home. That’s why getting your entryway rug’s size just right is so important: too small and it gets lost, too big and it overwhelms. But a rug that fits perfectly in the space—that’s the best way to welcome anyone in. 

Consider these sizing factors when choosing your jute entryway rug. 

Start by measuring the width of your doorway, including any doormat you plan to use. This determines the minimum width of your rug - it should be at least 24 inches wider than the doorway to allow for comfortable entry and exit.

Then, measure your entryway floor. Measure the length and width of your entryway, taking into account furniture like benches or shoe racks. Remember, you want the rug to leave at least 6 inches of bare floor around the edges, creating a defined space and preventing the rug from feeling like it's swallowed the floor.

  • Small entryways (4' x 6' - 6' x 8'): Opt for a 2' x 3' or 3' x 5' rug, or a narrow runner.
  • Medium entryways (8' x 10' - 10' x 12'): A 5' x 8' rug or a wider runner (3' - 4') can create a defined space.
  • Large entryways (12' x 14' and above): Go bold with a 6' x 9' or larger rug to anchor the space and create a welcoming entryway.

Finally, map the flow of the space. Trace the natural path people take through your entryway, especially if it's narrow or has a corner. Ensure the rug doesn't block this flow or create tripping hazards.

Play with shapes 

The shape of your jute entryway rug can make a big difference in how it makes the space feel. 

Rectangular rugs. The classic choice for most entryways, rectangles offer versatility and can adapt to various layouts. Aim for a rug that reaches at least halfway under any furniture in your entryway.

Runner rugs. Ideal for long, narrow entryways, runners add definition and lead the way into your home. Choose a runner that's at least 2 feet wide and extends past either side of the doorway for a welcoming feel.

Round rugs. A round jute rug can work beautifully in smaller or square entryways, softening the harsh corners and adding visual interest. Just be sure the rug doesn't crowd furniture or make the space feel cramped. 

Custom shape rugs. Does your entryway have an unorthodox layout that makes standard rug shapes less than ideal? You can get any jute rug cut to the exact dimensions you need so you can have a rug as unique as your home. 

Style it your way 

It’s your home, so style it the way that makes you happy! Having your entryway match your personality will make guests feel excited to see you and will make you feel happy and at home whenever you come back inside. 

Not sure where to start? Here are some easy ideas for how to style your jute entryway rug. 

Minimalist style. Embrace the clean lines and light, airy feel with the light brown Suri Jute Blend rug. This rug’s tighter weave provides a sleek, natural look that perfectly fits into minimalist decor. Play with this rug’s subtle texture by adding a bold border color. 

Suri Jute Blend Rug

Shop the Suri Jute Blend Rug

Rustic charm. Channel the warmth of a rustic cabin with a jute rug in deeper brown or golden tones. The chunky look of our Basketweave Jute rug evokes the feeling of a cabin in the woods, while the jute fibers’ coarser texture creates an organic feel that’s right at home in any rustic-styled entryway.  

Basketweave Jute Rug

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Coastal chic. Bring the seaside vibes to your entryway with a light, sandy Artisan Jute Wool Blend rug. This rug’s slightly irregular texture provides a relaxed, coastal feel. The inclusion of 26% wool fibers mean this rug will be as soft as it is beachy.  

Artisan Jute Wool Blend Rug

Shop the Artisan Jute Wool Blend Rug

Bohemian eclectic. Don't be afraid to let your personality shine with a Cora Wool Jute Blend rug. Its hodge-podge look and natural fiber construction will mesh perfectly with your entryway’s boho motif. And go even deeper into the Bohemian look by layering rugs in different sizes and patterns. 

Cora Wool Jute Blend Rug

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Get the jute rug of your dreams

We have a great selection of jute rugs that will go great in your entryway—or anywhere else in your home. We also offer a huge variety of rugs in other fibers as well. Browse our full collection of custom cut rugs to find the rug for you.

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