How long do sisal rugs last?

How long do sisal rugs last?

Is a sisal rug worth buying? Let’s learn a little more about this natural-fiber accessory to decide whether it’s the best choice for your home.


It's always frustrating to learn that a recent furniture or decor purchase isn't quite as durable as you initially thought. Whether a table quickly lost its stability or a sofa is no longer supportive, the end result always leaves you feeling disappointed about having wasted money. 

This is why researching a brand or material instantly makes you a smarter shopper. After all, it's better to invest time to find a quality product than it is to invest money in a piece of home decor you'll soon have to replace. Let's take sisal rugs, for example. Sisal rugs are naturally beautiful and affordable, but are they durable? You'll want to know the answer to that question before bringing a new rug into your space. 

Sisal rugs and durability

The good news is that yes, sisal rugs are durable. In fact, they typically last longer than other types of natural-fiber rugs, thanks to the resilient nature of sisal fibers. Sisal rugs are well-suited for high-traffic areas in the home, such as the living room and entryway, and continue to look great for years after you first place one on the floor. 

How to extend the life of a sisal rug

Even with its strong, durable quality, sisal rugs still need to be taken care of. Follow these cleaning tips to maintain your sisal rug's beauty and comfort.

  • Vacuum regularly: Weekly vacuuming prevents dirt from building up and causing stains. 
  • Spot clean by blotting: Immediately after a spill, blot (don't rub) liquids. 
  • Use a rug pad: Rug pads keep rugs in place, enhance comfort and extend the life of a rug. 
  • Treat rugs with a protector: In between cleaning sessions, use Sisal Life Protector to repel water and retard soiling. 

Don't waste money on a rug that won't last. Bring a durable, attractive and affordable rug into your home by choosing a sisal variety. 

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