How to Put an Area Rug Under Your Bed

How to Put an Area Rug Under Your Bed

 Add style, warmth, and comfort to your bedroom with this guide to under-bed area rugs.


Area rugs can add warmth, style, and comfort to your bedroom. But with so many different types, sizes, and materials to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. This guide will help you figure out how to select and place the ideal area rug for your bedroom.

Picking the Right Size Rug

Before you can put a rug under your bed, you need to know how big the rug should be. There are several factors to consider, but you can start by measuring your bed and measuring your bedroom. These measurements will help you determine how big your bedroom rug should be

Once you have measured your bed and room, you can start to decide what the ideal rug size is for the space. A good general rule: choose a rug that is at least 12 inches wider than your bed on all sides that aren’t up against a wall. This will help to create a balanced and cohesive look in your bedroom. 

If you have a smaller bedroom, you may want to choose a smaller rug. Alternatively, you may want to consider a runner rug, which can be more easily placed under just one side of the bed. This strategy is a good option for beds that are in the corner of the room. 

For larger bedrooms, you can choose a larger rug or multiple rugs. You can also experiment with different rug placement options to see what looks best in your space. Just be sure to practice good rug safety to avoid any potential rug hazards that may come from a rug that sticks out considerably from under the bed. 

If you are placing a rug under a king-size bed, you may want to choose two smaller rugs instead of one large rug. This will make it easier to place the rugs under the bed and will also help to prevent the rugs from buckling or wrinkling.

How to Put an Area Rug Under Your Bed: Step-by-Step Guide

Once you have chosen the right rug and placement option, it is time to place your rug under the bed. Here’s how to do that: 

Step 1: Clear the space

Clear the space around the bed so that you have enough room to work. Remove any furniture or other items that may be in the way, including the bed if possible. It’s important to give yourself enough room to work so that you won’t knock down any furniture as you’re putting the rug in place. You may also want to take this opportunity to sweep or vacuum the floor.

Step 2: Position the rug

If you were able to move the bed out of the way, roll the rug out on the floor where the bed normally goes. Take extra care to make sure that the rug is positioned exactly where you want it to be so that it will be nicely centered when you return the bed to its original location. 

If you were unable to move the bed, recruit a friend to help you lift one side of the bed and slide the rug under. If your bed sits on casters, you can lift the other side of the bed and pull the rug into place. If your bed has flat feet or sits on a solid frame, you may need to lift both ends multiple times to adjust the rug’s position until it’s just right. 

Step 3: Secure the rug 

If you want to secure the rug in place, you can use a rug pad or rug tape. Rug tape is a double-sided tape that adheres to the floor and the back of the rug. Rug pads are large sheets of rubber that are placed under the rug to prevent it from slipping. Securing the rug will help keep it from slipping and sliding around your bedroom as you get in and out of bed. 

Step 4: Put the room back together 

Once the rug is in place, you can move all your bedroom furniture back to their original positions. Make sure each piece of furniture is either fully on or fully off the rug. Placing a piece of furniture partially on the rug could cause it to tip over. 

Put Your Rug Search to Bed

When you’re ready to put an area rug under your bed, picking the best rug is the fun part! We have hundreds of options for you to choose from, and they can all be cut to the exact size for your particular bedroom. Start by shopping our wide variety of custom rugs today. 


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